Girl Next Door? Phf.

I'm not the girl next door. I'm the bitch two houses down. Guys don't go for me. They go for money though and I had a bet on me with a load of cash with it. Who knew they would take it?

I hummed a tune I heard over the radio awhile ago as I laid the clothes I was going to wear on my bed. I looked out my bay window that overlooked most of the street. I saw a site I was interested and amused to see. Someone new was moving in, next to Shannon/girl next door. I was always tempted to call her GND but I decided it was rude.

But that doesn't really make a difference cause I am rude.

Rude to some people anyways.

Specifically rude to men, boys, guys, the whole male population.

With the exception of old people, adults I don't know, and little kids.

I'm rude to some girls though, when their mean or snappy…or dimwits. Can't stand those.

Anyways, there was sweet Shannon helping with carrying some junk that had FRAGILE written all over it.

"New neighbors." I snorted as I leaned out the window letting the cool breeze come in which is weird because I hate the cold.

Shannon was about to topple over with the heavy load but then a guy who looked around 18 or 17 came to the rescue and held it up before she could drop it. He smiled, she gave a nervous laugh, and this is when the infatuation is injected.

"Oh the love." I rolled my eyes and saw that the new guy was edging near Shannon. She looked surprised and nervous, I mean really, he was about to kiss her. So I came to the rescue.

"SHANNON HEY!" I yelled loudly out the window ruining the moment. The guy looked up looking surprised and annoyed and Shannon sighed and mouthed thank you to me. "We're going shopping later right?" I said making up a quick excuse.

Shannon nodded in her shy way then continued to carry the box leaving the guy biting his lip in disappointment too embarrassed to go after her. I turned around grinning and clapped my hands together. Too bad for the guy, Shannon is oblivious when guys are attracted to her unless they say it out loud. He went back to the moving truck to carry some boxes while I turned away from the window.

I mean I didn't want to keep walking around in my underwear did I?

I went to take a shower when suddenly the door opened.

I quickly ducked and squatted behind my bed trying to cover myself.

"Yo Reigh (pronounced Rey) ma wants you to greet the new neighbors after their done moving in." My brother said in his deep voice.

I poked my head from behind the bed. "Mom wants me to greet them?"

"Yeah your right, maybe she's on something." My brother Trevor shook his head and was about to close the door. "What are you doing behind the bed?"

"I'm naked!" I hissed trying to scare him out.

His eyes bulged and before I could even breathe, he was out. Ahh my brother I thought as I came out from behind the bed. He's a year younger than me yet he's still taller than me. Trevor was a sweetheart too, it's just sometimes he could look intimidating like he's about to rip your face off for no reason, I was the opposite.

I took one look at the bay window at the moving trucks and the attractive guy who was about to kiss Shannon walk with three boxes in his arms.

"This is going to be a long day." I smiled sheepishly then turned to change.

not alot happening right now ehh, it'll be interesting later