Surviving Obsidian Empire

Chapter One

The sound of the bass pulsed through the floors of the club and the couple on the dance floor moved to the music. Everyone who was watching them couldn't help but smile. The couple looked incredible together and there was no denying that they had chemistry. Of course, no one realized that they didn't even know each other.

Lorelei Chase looked up at the guy she was dancing with through her eyelashes. Damn, he was gorgeous. His dark brown eyes held her captivated and his short black hair seemed to demand that she run her hands through it. He was an incredible dancer, moving perfectly in sync with her. As she stared up at him, he pulled her closer so that her hips were aligned perfectly and they were pressed intimately together. He grinned down at her as he ran his hands down her back and cupped her ass.

Lorelei closed her eyes and tipped her head back slightly as she slipped her hands up his chest, revelling in the feel of it. Then she slid her hands around his neck and threaded them into his hair. She slowly opened her eyes and pulled his head down to hers. He smiled at her for a moment before his gaze shifted to her lips. She lightly licked her lips and he responded with a growl as he covered the remaining distance.

The kiss was intense and passionate. Lorelei was immediately lost in the sensation of his lips on hers. His tongue brushed against her lips and she slowly opened her mouth. His tongue shot in and curled around hers, drawing it out to slide slowly into his mouth. Unconsciously, her hands moved to the side of his face, holding him there. The only thing she knew was that she never wanted it to end. After a few moments he groaned and broke away. His hands moved back to her hips and tightened slightly as he rested his forehead on hers. They were both breathing heavily.

He grinned slightly as he looked into her eyes. "God, you're beautiful," he whispered huskily. "I want you so much, but not here."

Lorelei nodded, unsure if she was even capable of speaking after that mind blowing kiss. Her hands had somehow moved again to the nape of his neck and her fingers were playing with the hair there.

"Let's get out of here," he suggested, taking her hand and leading her away.

She followed him without objection and let him lead her backstage. All she knew was that she wanted more – more of him, more of his kisses. He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her again. In the relative privacy backstage, he let his hands trail over her body, causing her to moan with pleasure. Almost without thinking, her hands went to the bottom of his shirt and lightly trailed over his stomach, tracing his belly button.

"You're incredible," he muttered as he trailed kisses along her jaw.

She tilted her head back slightly to give him better access to her neck. Her hands hooked the belt loops of his jeans and shifted him slightly, allowing one of his legs to slide between hers. "Please…" she said, not even quite sure what she was asking for exactly.

He looked up and smiled at her. He cupped her cheek and forced her to look at him. Her eyes slowly opened to stare into his. "Tell me what you want…" he urged softly as he lightly kissed her on the lips.

"Everything," she managed to say before kissing him again.

As he kissed her, he reached down and played with the hem of her skirt. When she only moaned in response, he slowly trailed his hand up her thigh, inching the hem up. She whimpered and shifted restlessly against his thigh, which was pretty much the only reason she was still standing. Her hands slipped under his shirt and slipped around behind him.

"Off," she murmured as she slowly began to push the shirt up.

He pulled back slightly and his hands went to the hem of his shirt, but before he could pull it over his head, the backstage door was flung open, causing the two of them to freeze. Her eyes widened slightly and he looked over his shoulder at the intruder.

"Damn Jace, sorry," one of the three guys who walked through the door said almost instantly. He glanced at Lorelei then turned back to his friend. "Uh, we're on right away."

"Yeah, just give me a second, Ash," he replied before turning back to Lorelei.

"You're in a band," she stated almost in an accusatory manner.

He frowned at that. "Uh yeah, we're the Spins. Ash there is the lead singer and lead guitarist," he said, indicating the guy who had spoken earlier. "Hayden plays bass." He pointed to a guy with light brown hair. "And then there's Josh our incredible drummer." He nodded at the guy who was twirling a set of drumsticks. "Then there's me, Jason Wilde, I play guitar and on very rare occasions sing."

Lorelei could only shake her head in disbelief. "What's with me and musicians," she muttered under her breath. She stared at him for a moment before giving him a light kiss on the lips. "Well, it was fun." She turned and left. She had made it as far as the door, before he realized she was leaving.

"Wait. I don't get a name?" he asked, turning to face her.

She turned and surveyed the room, they were all watching her now. She flashed them a confident smile and walked back to Jason. She grabbed a nearby sharpie and took his hand. She scrawled her name and phone number the inside of his wrist. "You won't lose it that way," she told him before walking away.

She paused when she stepped back into the main part of the club. She scanned the crowd for a moment. Everything looked to be running smoothly. She was too wound up to get any work done. She glanced towards the stage to see the Spins walk on. She knew if she stayed she and Jason could just pick up where they had left off, but she knew better than to fool around with any up and coming musicians.

Lorelei passed the bar as she headed out and waved to her best friend and manager, Emily. Emily merely quirked an eyebrow, but said nothing. Of course, that could have been because Emily was filling in for one of their sick bartenders and was swamped. Lorelei sighed as she walked out into the warm night air. She walked past the line of people waiting to get into Club Obsidian and headed to her car.

Okay, this is my new story. It takes place about a year after In the Shadow of Obsidian Empire. Just to warn everyone this probably won't be updated frequently as I'm still in the middle of writing it and trying to find Lorelei's voice. It's not fun and involves a lot of deleting, but this is definitely the beginning.