"Cocaine Boy"

By:Cassandra Freiborg 3/19/06

Oh why you gotta be like that,

cocaine boy,

walkin around with that sad,

faraway look,

like you've got nothing better to do,

that be the cocaine boy.

Stumble through the day,

cocaine boy,

throwin your life away,

over some powder,

dont you know,

theres someone watching you,

from the sidelines,

saying I love the cocaine boy.

Cry yourself to sleep,

cocaine boy

because it hurts to come down,

falling into the abyss,

that is the thoughts you kept at bay,

with that powdery goddess

oh you love her so.

Say farewell,

cocaine boy,

you've finally got your wish,

you'll never have to see,

the world for what it is,

goodnight cocaine boy.