"A Better Tomorrow"

By:Cassandra Freiborg 3/19/06

I cough up sunlight,

when I'm feeling down,

and when its raining,

I dont wear a frown,

because lifes too short,

to hide from pain,

so take it in,

and let it stain.

Let it leave its imprint,

on your soul,

so when people ask,

you've something to show.

Now Ive spent my time,

in dreary places,

and I met alot of teary faces,

but I left there knowing,

that they were smiling.

Because I took the time,

to sit an listen,

Ive heard my share,

of reminiscing.

So take some time,

to make life better,

dont let some little thing,

put you under the weather,

cause lifes too short,

to dawdle in sorrow,

so you better get ready,

for a better tomorrow.