"No, no, no!! Not again Gawd!!!" I banged my head against my computer desk, "I'm going to kill this stupid computer by the end of the year!"

My computer keeps messing up my instant messenger. Of course I'm always in the middle of a really important conversation and then POOF! Meg12309 has signed off…grr! This thing is so stupid.

Dancin.circles.round.u: megsley are you there?

Meg12309:yeah it's the stupid comp again!

Dancin.circles.round.u is my best friend well one of them her name is Adirana. My other friend Cady and I call her Adi cause it's a lot easier. Cady is never on IM she refuses to get on the computer for more than an hour so I mostly talk to Adi and my best guy friend Xavier or X (amonginsanity).

X: are you there? Hello Meg?

Adi: she said sumthin about it being the comp again?

Me: I am here you know

X: Oh well hello, there Megan.

Me: hi ok so why are we conferencing?

Adi: because we can and you love us so it's ok

Me: I don't know why I do though

X: cause we are fun and you like my best friend

Adi: what?!

Me: Shit, Xavier I'm gonna kill you

X: I thought you already told her!

Me: no I haven't told her I told you last nite!


Me: I don't know but what we should really be talking about is X and Beau:D

Adi: Oh yeah you guys were flirting like crazy at the bowling alley last nite so what's going on?

X: long story maybe I'll tell it later lol Jet and Meg back together YES!

Me: uh we aren't together he doesn't even know I like him Cady would flip if she found out I mean Jet's not the cutest guy in our class if you hadn't noticed and she thinks he's really weird

X: so who cares what she thinks?

Me: uh me I am her b/f/f you know

Adi: yeah gosh well I got to go the evil one is coming talk to you at dinner Megs and see you tonight at bowling X!

Dancin.circles.round.u has signed out.

Adi, Cady, and I go to an all girls' private school about four hours from our hometown of Niskayuana, New York. Xavier and Jet go to the boys' private school down the road a ways. Beau goes to our school, X and B went out for like ever, I think they were in love you could just tell. I've never seen two people look at each other the way they did. Yeah, did is the keyword the broke up a couple of weeks ago. X has been miserable and B kinda left us, we became great friends when they were going out, but it was like she wanted to forget all about her life during X. But then a couple of weeks ago it turned out ok, Beau started hanging with us again. Her and X started flirting like crazy at the bowling alley were our two schools hang out.

Pop! You have mail!

I clicked on the pop-up window and it took me straight to my school email address.



Hey Meg! It's your mother how are things going this month, good I hope. I haven't heard from you in a while and I wondered if anything exciting has happened lately. Your father emailed me and wanted your email address should I give it to him? Well Tim and I are fine, Hunter misses you a lot!


Your mother

I clicked out of the window I would reply later. I have been going to MS4G for a month now and my mom is having leaving issues. I get an email at least once a month, of course I reply to them but hey I'm 14 I have a life you know, no boyfriend but a life none-the-less. I have a little brother, Hunter and a step-dad, Tim. My biological father lives in North Carolina, he has a girlfriend, Sarah but no kids I go visit him every summer, it's a lot of fun. My mom isn't really happy that I talk to him, then again they did have a divorce.

X: hello earth to Meg!

Me: oh hey sorry I was reading an email

X: ohh from Jet?

Me: no from my mother lol

X: you need a social life

Me: I have been going here for a month you've pretty much been here your whole life, you're popular I'm not exactly…

X: don't even say you aren't pretty we have had this convo before

Me: I wasn't going to say that…

X: liar! Hey I can hear your bell is it dinnertime already?

Me: I don't hear it, then again I'm listening to my ipod

X: crap, yeah it is dinnertime talk to you at the ilane.

Me: Mk bye

I logged off my IM and grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I quickly locked the dorm and ran to the elevator where a group of girls had piled in. I slipped my ipod headphones into my ears and silently rocked out to Hellogoodbye as I walked to the cafeteria across the street. As I neared the large modern looking building I got my swipe card out and grabbed a tray. I put on my usual dinner of a bed of lettuce with chicken, bacon, cheese and other assorted vegetables with a diet Pepsi onto my tray and walked to the end table where Cady and Adi were sitting. I shrugged out of my bag and put away my ipod.

"Hey Meg what's up?" Cady said taking a bite of her cheeseburger.

Adi stared at her with a disgusted look on her face, Adi is a vegetarian, ever since she started working at McDonalds.

"Nothin, X said that him and Jet will meet us at ilanes tonight. Hey Beau sit with us!" I waved the dirty blond over to our table.

"Hi guys," B took a hesitant set at our table.

At MS4G everyone knows of our clique. Not that we are overly pretty but we are like a special club that you can only hang with if we give you permission and all of us like that person. We aren't stuck up but we are so close when other people try and intrude it just doesn't work. So B took a seat but without first looking at all of our faces to make sure we all agreed.

"OK Cady put that disgusting slab of poor helpless little cow down for a minute so we can talk about whipping the boys tonight," Adi's phone vibrated as she said this, "OH it's a text message from them here's who they have X, Jet, oh Cads'll be happy, Jacob Laots, and Tyrone Sawyer."

I grabbed the phone from Adi and quickly typed out our team for the nite, Cady, Adi, me and…

"Beau you game?"

"Uh sure!"

555-1252: its gonna b me, C, A, B!


I ignored X's last text message and handed Adi her phone back before digging into my salad. This is gonna rock before long all will be normal again Beau and X are meant to be. Right before I got up to put my tray away my cell phone started vibrating.

Text Message from Jet Blockenbolling, 555-8965: we are gonna kill you guys 2night lol

555-4990: no way we are gonna win this time

555-8965: X wants to know what's with Beau she never bowls with you guys now a days…

555-4990: they are both miserable I can only be the bestest friend ever and try to help lol

555-8965: he is standing right behind me you know that right?

555-4990: well duh it is dinner, uh huh Sister Helen is coming g2g ttyl

555-8965: ok cya 2night

Did I mention that I go to a catholic boarding school that is very strict on no phones during meal times? We also have to wear uniforms until after dinner, they are hideous, green pleated skirts with white, blue or black polos.

"Hello Sister," our table said obediantly, she gave us a slight nod and we threw away our trash and headed to the dorms. Adi and I lucked out and got single rooms they are great for sleep-overs but Beau and Cads got double rooms. Neither one likes their room mates very much, Katie(Beau's) and Liz(Cady's).

"Let's meet at Meg's room ok? I have got to change into something cute before we leave for ilanes," Adi said as we separated ways, "OK so Jet?"

"Not you too, see this is why I didn't want to tell you guys. Beau and X were happy for me…"

"I am happy for you, I'm just not sure it's the best idea. You were hurts after that relationship too. I don't know if you want to go there again."

"It's not like I'm gonna go up to Jet and kiss him passionately or anything. I can just see myself with him. You guys don't see him like I do and after the whole Luck thing…" At the dance last week I danced with my crush Luck but then the day after I found out he had a girl friend that goes to the public school.

"Yes well I told you Luck was a jerk you just didn't want to believe me."

"Yeah well that happens," I said as we waited for the elevator to come to the lobby, Adi lives on the 5th floor and I'm on the 7th.

We climbed into the elevator filled with girls talking about their plans. Adi's phone started vibrating again.

"I swear the only way we communicate with those guys is texting," Adi moaned.

Text message from 555-6723

555-6723: Are you getting the lanes?

I silently read the text over her shoulder

555-1252: no it's your turn have your room mate/slave do it lol

555-6723: Jet says he takes offense to that lol

Adi and I started cracking up and the girls around us started moving away from our little corner. We looked at each other and started laughing more. The elevator binged floor #3 and girls slowly filed off.

555-6723: how much does it cost again?

555-1252: gosh we've been going for how long? NE ways it's $3 a lane for one game per person that is

555-6723: could you make that anymore confusing?

555-1252: sorry its $3 per person per game better?

555-6723: yes are you guys changing out of your um er beautiful uniforms lol

555-1252: duh speaking of this is my floor I g2g

555-6723: buh bye

Adi flipped her phone shut and headed out the door. I was left alone in the elevator except for two high schoolers I didn't know. I thought about what would happen if X and B went out again. It might make our group all weird again but if it made Beau happy it would be ok, I guess. The elevator soon made it to my floor and I climbed out and headed down the hall to my dorm room. There was a message on the dry erase board on my door.


Love the high school soccer team

(This is from Maria!!!Lol)

I looked down the hall to see that a similar message except for the part Maria left me was on every door of every eight grader. Maria is like my high school mentor she lives across the hall and helps me with like every thing. I strode to her door and left her a message to remind me tomorrow and went into my room. I sat down on my bed and looked into my closet. I must say that dorm rooms aren't the biggest. I put on a pair of jeans that flattered my now very toned legs (from track) and put on a school t-shirt. This is about as dressed up as I get lately unless it's a real date then I do my make up and my hair and all that jazz but I'm going to the bowling alley with my b/f/f's and a bunch of our guy friends not real promising. As I was slipping on my clogs the door opened and Cady and Beau popped their heads in.

"Hey you decent?"

"Yup, come on in."

Cady walked into my room and plopped down into the butterfly chair near the TV and Beau sat down on my window seat and waited as I hurriedly braided my hair into two fishtail braids and tied them with bows. Cads turned on the TV as we waited for Adi she is always late for everything. Beau picked up the Seventeen magazine that I left by my window. We were all in deep thought, I could tell that Cads was thinking of witty things to discuss with Jacob her recent crush. He goes to the public school but is good friends with Jet and Adi from soccer.

"Hello the fun has arrived!" Adi giggled as she walked into my room, "Man it's quiet in here!"

"Hey Adi ok everyone let's go before we are late." I grabbed my jean jacket from my computer chair and headed to the elevator. Now being an eighth grader I couldn't exactly drive to Ilanes. The great thing about where our school is, is that you can pretty much walk anywhere or get on the bus. We have a great public transportation system I mean it is New York.

"OK so we really should buy shoes if we are gonna bowl as much as we have been lately," Cady said, she hates the idea of wearing shoes that someone else has already worn you can tell she is from New York City she loves to go shopping in the city whenever she can.

That reminds me I never really did tell you how we all ended up going to a boarding school now did I? Well Adirana and I are from Niskayauna, New York and Cads is from New York City. My mom really doesn't like the school systems there and I like to think I'm pretty smart but you have to be to go to the boarding schools around here. Any ways but Adriana is also from Niskayauna and started going to MS4G a long time before me, Cady started going there in about sixth grade. She used to hang out with other girls from the city, it seems that almost every wealthy family in New York sends their kids to either MS4G or PS4B, that's Patrick's School for Boys the one X and them go to, Beau and Jacob and Jet grew up around here all of them are really smart but Jacob likes the city school's soccer team better than PS4G's.

I hand pulled the back of my bag and jerked me back to reality, "Gawd Meg you almost got hit by a bus you know?"

"Oh thanks Adi," I shook my head and tried to concentrate on something other than the past.

Being smart isn't the only reason I left my hometown to go to school here, there was this boy, Dov, he well he wasn't a very good boyfriend if you catch my drift, it was hard for me there so I left. No one knows about him here and I would like to keep it that way sometimes I see a blond-haired boy and think it's him and I get all freaked out but I realize he's in the past and I have to stop thinking about him.

I heard the familiar chatter of the mall as we crossed the food court, I soaked it all in, my friends chatting happily about it almost being spring break and how we all were gonna go visit Cads in the city. I took in the greasy-food smell of the food court and smiled this is exactly were I wanna be surrounded by people who love me, I'm happy here at MS4G it's been a really long time since I've really been happy I noticed, it feels nice.

Cady waved at the guys as we strode into the bowling alley every where you looked you could see girls clad in blue and green skirts or shirts that read, "MS4G football Undefeated" it was a big joke around the school that our school's no-existent football team was undefeated. You could also see boys with there ties loosened lounging around the pool table drinking sodas and talking.

"Hey guys!" Beau said taking a seat as far a way from X as possible.

This was gonna be harder than I thought, "Hi you guys get our shoes?"

"Of course what do you think we are forgetful?" Tyrone asked sarcastically.

"This coming from the boy who forgot his own house number last week," Jet said and went into a story about how Tyrone had forgotten his house number when he was taken to the Emergency Room when he dropped a bar bell on his foot. He had broken his lower leg and was now on crutches, Cady and Beau were signing the cast as Adi and I put on our shoes.

"Ok let's go who's up first?" I looked at the list the was on the computer that hung from the ceiling above our lanes

Ilanes is the best because every two lanes are enclosed in a little sitting room where you can plug in about three or four ipods and listen to the music while you bowl but not disturb your fellow bowlers. Adi, X, Beau, and I plugged in our ipods and the long list of songs came up, it was X's turn to create a playlist so Jet went first. We pretty much had a routine down pat, I loved being here with them all fitting in. Finally life had settled down maybe teen life wasn't as hard as I thought it was.