Title: Scratching That Itch
Author: Penguin17
Summary: This is what my life had come to. And his name was Caleb Brownfield.
Disclaimer: Not needed!
Warnings: M/M, Slash, Don't like, don't read, don't flame.

Scratching That Itch

He told me to meet him at five o'clock. Five o'clock sharp, just like always. Right after practice. It had been this way for I don't know how long. Sometime during the day he would come up and tell me to meet him at five. This is what I waited for all day. To see him walking towards me in school and briefly talk to me. This is what my life had come to. And his name was Caleb Brownfield.

I can barely remember when all this started. I just remember seeing him for the first time, our eyes connected and my breath was absent. Caleb was your typical jock at your typical high school. Tall, athletic, and the looks that could get any one he wanted. With his dark brown hair, light brown, almost golden eyes, Caleb had all the girls wanting him. But he chose me. One day, while I was at my locker, I felt a presence behind me. Turning around, my knees almost buckled and my heart almost gave out. there stood the most gorgeous person I've ever seen.

" Hey Xander, " his cockiness showed brightly as a smirk was spread across his face.

" My name is Alexander, " I managed to mumble. I didn't care what he called me really, but it's the only thing I could thing of.

" Yeah, whatever, " he brushed off, " I need to talk to you later today. Meet me by my truck at five. It's the black Chevy." Then he was gone. He didn't wait for an answer. He didn't wait for me to tell him I was busy or to ask him what was this about. He just assumed that I would be there at five. And I was.

That's how it started. And to this day, that's how it is. Not everyday, but most days I would come back to the school at five and wait for Caleb. Then we would leave and go somewhere, mainly his house where we would fuck. Just fuck; nothing else. Not hang out or talk or anything. Our relationship was based on the pure fact that he was horny.

I sighed deeply and peered towards the doors of the school. Within seconds, they flew open and he stormed out. His hair was still wet from the shower, like it always is. And by the look on his face I could see he was upset.

" Get in, " he commanded and went to the driver's side.

" What? Don't order me around!" I exclaimed. I didn't care if he was in a bad mood, he could at least be nice to me.

" Xander, just get in, " he opened his door and got inside. I stood my ground from the other side of the truck. He leaned over and opened the passenger door.

" Caleb, don't tell me what to do, " I commanded, " and my name is Alexander."

" Fine, Xander. Will you please get into the fucking truck?" his golden eyes burned into mine. I could tell he was really angry. I climbed into the truck and slammed the door shut. Without anymore conversation, he started the truck and drove away from the school.

" So, what's wrong with you today?" I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at him.

" I don't wanna talk about it, " he fumbled into his jacket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Caleb pulled one out, lit it, and rolled down the window.

" Something at practice? Aww poor baby, did you miss a pass or something?" I knew exactly how to press his buttons. It was funny to me. At first I was in total awe of him, but now I could care less about who he was. Caleb actually pissed me off. His whole arrogant persona drove me crazy and made me want him at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I like the whole sexual aspect of our relationship, I just want more. I'm tired of him being an ass to me every time he got upset. I'm tired of not being able to actually have a relationship outside of his bedroom.

" Shut. up. " he ground out through his teeth and sucked down smoke.

" No! I'm tired of you being a jackass to me just because your life isn't perfect, " I reached towards him and pulled the cancer stick out of his mouth and threw it out the window.

" What the fuck is wrong with you!?" he shoved me back into the door.

" I'm tired of this Caleb."

" Well shit! I'm sorry I'm in a bad mood! I can't help that!" Caleb screamed in my direction.

" I didn't do anything to you! I don't know if I want this anymore, " I breathed in deeply.

" You don't want what?"

" You, " I whispered. Caleb looked over at me, then slammed on the brakes.

" What are you talking about? Where did this come from?" I could tell his was trying to hold his temper.

" I want more than just being your sex toy, " I admitted.

" God Xander! We talked about this! Before we did anything, I told you that this wouldn't lead to anything more. It's just me and you having sex, " his words seemed to sting.

" I know! It's not my fault I actually started having feelings for you!" I was beginning to cross that line into hysteria.

" You have feelings for me?" the anger seemed to lift and a grin came to his face.

" YES! It kills me every time I see you with a girl in school. Or hear about you and some chick. I hate it! I want more than just sex!"

" So, you don't want sex?" he inched closer to me.

" Of course I want sex! I just want more, " I added quietly.

Caleb stepped on the peddle and the car began to move, " Well Xander, I don't want more."

I could have sworn I flinched when he said that. How could he not? How could he pick me out of hundreds of people, and not have feelings for me at all? I hated him.

" I hate you, " the anger in my voice was audible.

" I know, " Caleb responded. The rest of the drive was quiet, until we pulled up in front of his house.

" I'm not gonna have sex with you anymore, Caleb, " I dead-panned.

" Yeah, you say that now, " a toothy smile on his face.

" Well, I'm glad you've seemed to pull that stick out of your ass, but I'm serious, " I opened the door and got out.

" Xander, don't be like that, " he got out and came around to me.

" Sorry Caleb, but I don't want this anymore."

" You sure?" he slammed me against the truck.

" What the fuck is wrong with you!?" I exclaimed.

" Xander, I know you want me. Even if I piss you off, I know you still want me, " he pressed against me.

" Yeah, like an asshole on my elbow, " the sarcasm clearly noted.

" Oh c'mon. You know I'm the only one that can scratch that itch, " Caleb whispered into my ear.

" Caleb, " I shuddered, " I'm serious."

" Me too, " he smirked. He spoke so close to my mouth, that his lips brushed against mine. My breath disappeared somewhere deep inside of me and my eyes locked onto his.

" Caleb, stop, " I managed to whisper.

" Xander c'mon, don't worry 'bout all that other bullshit. Just think about what I'm gonna do to you right now, " Caleb pressed harder against me.

" Mmmm...Caleb...don't do that, " I breathed.

" C'mon, " he pulled me away from the truck and towards his house. Goddammit! I hate when he does this. He pulled me up the porch and inside the front door and after slamming it shut, he slammed me against the wall. That predatory gleam was already dancing in his eyes. I knew right then that he was right.

There was never any hesitation from him once we were inside the house. He once told me that his dad is never home, he's usually away on work. I never got enough balls to ask him about his mom. That was too personal for our relationship.

He shrugged off his jacket then held my arms up and attacked my lips with his. One thing I noticed is that Caleb liked kissing. A lot. And damn! he was good at it. Of course, he liked fucking and blow-jobs. But sometimes, when he kissed me, it was just so intense! Caleb bit my bottom lip gently and pressed his groin against mine. I nearly yelped from the sheer pleasure it brought.

" Ya like that?" Caleb phrased the question as a statement. He pressed against me even harder and I wanted to scream. The grip around my wrist tightened and he bit my neck. Hard. I screamed out and started writhing under him. Caleb dropped his hands and pulled my shirt up and off with ease. After disposing of it, he began nibbling around my collar bone.

" God...Caleb..." I breathed out. I clutched the bottom of his shirt and yanked it off. Even though I've seen it before, it never got old. His body was sick: Strong biceps, pecs, and the V-cut, washboard abs.

" You fucking want me now?" he growled. His eyes were burning into mine. It made me want to scream!

" Yeah, I want you, " I replied, almost at a whisper.

Caleb kissed me lightly, " Good," he brought his lips down on mine again, roughly, and let his hands examine my entire body. Moving up and down my torso and settling on my hips. I pulled Caleb closer to me and started sucking on his neck as hard as I could. He bit his bottom lip and moaned.

" God, I want to fuck you so bad..." he groaned. I bit his neck and he let out a guttural moan.

I moved my mouth up to his ear and whispered, " Then why don't you?" That's all it took. Caleb grabbed me by the arm and spun me around. I didn't mind the roughness, I've learned to like it, actually. I undid my jeans and let him shove them down, along with my boxers, exposing my ass.

"Mmm...Xander, " he mumbled behind me. He left for a moment, but soon returned with something in hand. Soon, I felt his finger touch my hole and apply some lube. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the cold feeling. He chuckled, but continued. He shoved his index finger inside and I bit my lip hard enough to draw blood. Soon after, a second finger slid in sharply and he started working them in and out.

" Just fuck me! " I shouted. Even though I couldn't see him, I knew he had a smirk on his face. His fingers slid out of my hole, and I heard him unzip his jeans and let them drop to the floor.

I felt that familiar feeling of him grabbing my hips and he aligned himself against me. Caleb slowly let himself slide into me. My mouth fell open and I couldn't breathe. Then, in one quick motion, he slammed deep inside me. I steadied myself against the wall and sighed. Almost subconsiously, my fingers scratched helplessly against the wall. My nails raking across the rough edges of peeling paint. He pulled out and shoved back into me; almost making my knees buckle.

Caleb's hands tighten on my hips, hard enough to bruise, and he began pumping into me with abandon. His breathing became ragged and our temperatures rose. He started nibbling on my neck, causing more waves of pleasure. I pushed off the wall, trying to take as much of him as possible.

" Uhhh!! Caleb!" I screamed and seemed to black out for a second. He had found my spot. He reached in front of me, grasped my throbbing length and quickly began stroking. Caleb brought his lips to my spine and kissed gently.

"Jesus, Caleb, " I managed to whisper. He slammed inside me, hit my prostate and continued jacking me off.

He squeeze my hips hard and mumbled into my shoulder, " I love you," and I felt him come inside me. Seconds later, I exploded into his hand and I could finally breathe again. I collapsed forward, letting my forehead rest on the wall and he did the same onto my back.

Then, I realized exactly what he had just said to me...