Battle Scars

It pierces me

You would think

That grabbing the double-edged sword

As you pulled it away

Would give me pleasure enough,

To make a bargain not to see you breathe

You're wrong.

My armor is my weapon

And I can't help that it ricochets onto you

I can't help that I won't bleed on me

But you are doubled on the floor

Nothing hurt you more

Than me protecting me

On your knees your lash out in anger

Throwing your sword it scratches but never severs

And you feel the force on your hand


I have to turn away

But trust me I feel every blow

My tears won't bring you back

And I'm there


Tending to deadening memories

I can't bring you back

But I don't want the last vision of you

To be wounded doubled on the floor

Because of me

Protecting me

Please I'm falling

Can't you hear the metal on the floor?

It's rusting from my small stream

Please I'm calling

Screaming out into the silence

The white flag has too many medals and battle scars

Don't let me tear you apart

I don't want to be the last one standing

Won't you get up and put me in my place?

Get up

I'll lend you my sword

Take your best shot

But pleaseā€¦

Through your broken bones

Stand up

And give me what I'm due