A Walk

by Fujimi

Come, come and take me away.
Away from this place.
'Let's take a walk.'
I always say okay.

Living is a broad term,
To describe anything you want.
Is it a plant?
An animal?
A portrayal of something that could never be?
Of the life that could never be?
Take an escape from the spacious word.
'Let's take a walk.'
Always say okay.

The moon wants to stray away.
Grab it back, don't let it fall.
Coming toward the town;
You can't fool me—
Don't try.
Escape—don't let it fall on your head.
Find a slower way;
'Let's take a walk.'
You should always say okay.

The nighttime sky is forever soothing;
Watch the clouds overtake the sparkling stars.
No! Watch them die away.
Everything always dies.
Touch it—melt away.
'Let's take a walk.'
Escape with me?

I will always say, 'Okay,
Let's go.'

And it slowly grins back at me.

20 March 2006