Our love was a temple
And forgiveness an altar atop it
Upon that altar I have opened up my heart
And blood fell upon the altar like rain

You have done the same
It seems you too have opened up your heart
Upon that revered altar most high
And poured out yourself

Alas there was a difference
For I knew the price I was paying
When I saw you walking with the knife
That fateful day

I felt the echoes of pain even before
The blade laid open my heart
And when the silver embraced red
My soul was drowned in blood
I felt the wounds even before
Your words cut into my ears

And flowers of anger blossomed then
Brilliant red, aflame brighter than the sun
And midnight black seeds of hate
Planted deep inside

And the second time the darker plants grew
In numbers like the stars they bloomed
Small, bitter blooms they were
Weeds in my soul
All bathed in red
Bathed in my heart's blood
Shed for no other reason
Then to satisfy your weakness
Your thirst for freedom

The darkness bloomed
The anger blossomed
Much was lost

Those days destroyed part of me
Innocent love once fair and beautiful
Was left to rot away in the sun
And inside I rejoiced and wept

For the innocent maiden draped in white and blue
Was lost forever, slipping through numbed, bloodied hands
And something inside slipped away with her
Something precious and dear

Once perfection had a name
Now that name is forgotten
Lost to me amidst a pile
Of so many precious things
That life has discarded

So now my hands are torn and bloodied
And my soul is in the same state
And my feet grow weary from walking the steps
To the altar

Our temple is drenched in blood
It was built from our crystallized tears
And will and passion
But the red stain lingers on
And I wonder for how long

Temple of my heart
How you torment me
How I love you
How you have rent me
I wonder now how it can be
That I still love you
And you still love me

Time will tell what becomes of this temple
How long I will tread its hallowed steps
But I will never forget what it was like
To hold a love so precious and untainted
I will never forget what it was like
Before blood was spilt
Upon the altar
Of the temple
Of our love

1:33 am