You love me, even though I hate you

You respect me, even though I scorn you

You are proud of me, even though I shame you

You are a beacon of light

In the darkness of my insanity

And so I shy away;

Bite the hand that feeds me,

Even if only in my mind, my thoughts.

A battle of wills,

Though they are one and the same;

Two sides of one coin.

You care for me, even though I hurt you

You heal me, even though I wound you

You hug me, even though I pull away from you

You pray for me, even though I have lost faith.

You are nothing to me, yet you are my world.

I love you in the face of my hate;

God's irony.

I am lost and you are my path home,

Though trampled by me you hold fast.

I am sorry.

A/N this was originally about a friend and the contradictions. She is the best friend one could have but my mind holds many random thoughts.

I thought it could also describe the mother and that is how it is titled.