To Have Loved and Lost

They say it's better to love and lose

Than not to love at all

We're all entitled to our views

And some will have the gall

To say that dancing in the rain

And kissing in the park

And letting her heal all your pain

And lying in the dark

And promising together

You will conquer all your ails

And holding her forever

And knowing love prevails

Is better than nights home alone

Spent watching HBO

And sitting staring at the phone

With nowhere else to go

But when she's gone the rain somehow

Can make you feel depressed

And every single broken vow

Will haunt when you're distressed

The bench where you once sat now seems

An echo of days past

A monument to broken dreams

(You thought that things would last)

And somehow when your pain returns

The tide won't cease to rise

And somehow all your past concerns

Seem miniscule in size

And when you reminisce of nights

Spent lying in her bed

It only turns to thoughts of fights

That you have had instead

When you pray her not to recall

No matter what the cost

'Tis better not to love at all

Than to have loved and lost.