I apologise in advance if the following story offends anyone here. This whole thing started during one of my media lessons at college as me and my friends sat around and told hillbillies jokes for most of the afternoon. A story had to be made!

A Hillbillies Life



Jacob Cross-Saw: Bernadette get my grenades!

Bernadette Cross-Saw: But why Jacob?

Jacob Cross-Saw: That Tommy Boy is on ma land, drinking our moonshine and shagging our sheep again! Get my shotgun as well woman!

Bernadette Cross-Saw: Tell him to get it out. You said you wanted to do that later.

Elsewhere ………

Grizzly Bill: Dam you Bobby Mitchell how dare you get my daughter pregnant you abomination of sin!

Bobby Mitchell: I'm sorry pa.

Grizzly Bill: If you weren't my brother as well I'd kill you!

Meanwhile ………

John Dad: John Boy come here for a minute you young wiper snapper!

John Boy: What wrong pa?

John Dad: Your cousin who likes to wear people's faces wants to know if you wanna wear the paperboys skin?

In the background the sounds of a chainsaw and a blood-curdling scream can be heard.

Let the madness end ………

Jerry Nobody: I hate those city sleakers so much! They think they're so great with their fancy smancy indoor flushing toilets and their talking picture boxes with the naked girls inside them and their XXX Boxes with the little people fighting in them. ………

I'm bored.

Where's ma pa's shagging pony?