Written really quickly, just to get these feelings out. I apologise if it doesnt really make sense!

Moving On

I don't understand you people, I don't see why,

As I turn to you, you shut the door.

I can't explain away this feeling

Of rejection from you.

I try so hard to stay with you,

But however much I try, you move away

And leave me behind.

I'd like to think it's not intentional.

I don't know which would tear away at me the most;

You doing this unintentionally, not realising,

Or you doing this, trying to tell me something.

I see you all walk away, laughing

And I'm left crying at home, alone.

Is it me? Or is it you?

Please someone, explain to me,

Why you can't take me with you,

Why I have to be left here

And why you're moving on without me.

Moving on to other people,

People who aren't me.