Mellow light:
A yellow band-aid fix
A soothing salve
Buttercup smudges on her skin.

Smiles like flash-bulbs
Hollywood movie-goddess,
Ghosts of sinful scares chased
Away. Keep smiling.

They never notice;
Eager eyes dazzled
Into ignorance- Preferable
To cold-sick realities.

Sunshine veils her world
With shimmers and spun gold
And smoky shadow-dances
Better than inky night.

Dusky purple-tinged curtains
Draw closed
The stage pushed and prodded out of view
Nighttime, empty, watchful.

Silky shivering shoulder-shudders
Woven shimmer-webs of thought
Descended, steel-strong tangles.
Memories, freeze-frame goblins.

Banished thoughts
Back; retched recollections
A splinter pushing deeper.

Her body water-logged
And purple-green in sickly moonlight
She sinks, draped in disgust
Rusty chains aiding her descent.

Night-spooks retreat
Chased by feeble white-light knights
Cavalier sun-mote-riders:
Determined to win this ceaseless scuffle.

A/N: Some things are better forgotten, and sometimes it's impossible to forget at night-time