The Purple Hue
One of those stories that my dreams made

Driving yet again down the street, nighttime fears never vanished. Tonight was no different, as purple fog rolled in. This purple hue was the warning for certain areas that danger was upon them, that the threat this world faces has appeared here, to kill all with what they use for life, may it be backhoes of pickup trucks.

Everything mechanical changed, everything gained a dark pink optical eye, and moved around town, with the one purpose in mind, to kill those who could not take shelter. Watching them slip around, humming their hum of death, only the luckily could pass the night unharmed.

The vehicle driving down the street was strangely unaffected by this strange phenomenon, but the ones that were hunted it down. The SUV avoided all main streets and took the waterways to avoid contact with the others. To be wary was the only way to survive out there.

Years of experience held true to its nature as the SUV swam into the water, avoiding the creatures on the bridge. They were not easily fooled, as the affected vehicles splashed into the water and gave chase, and like always, the SUV was not to be underestimated.

The creatures still gave chase. Pickups, backhoes, and others behind the SUV raced on. The SUV picked up pace, in hopes to outpace those behind it, and the distance was great enough to keep the driver happy, but as always, more would always come.

Time is forgotten as the SUV zips past homes and houses, frustrating those whom chased. After a while, daylight appears, and the things vanished, leaving their choice of chose behind. The purple hue was still there, but no longer to these things exist.

A driver steps out of the SUV, smiling. It was another successful night for them. Taking out a laptop, the transferred the information gathered from the chase to be obverse at a later time. Yes, it was definitely another successful night.

A/N: i might add more to this story, but i'm not sure, as of now, i'll leave it as it is, please leave a review saying if you would like to see more to this or not, the dream itself is hazy, but i bet i could come up with something.