Unheard Prayer

An unheard prayer, dying to be told

The same words, now starting to get old

Yet still kept with in me

Dying to be told or seen

But no, this prayer is still unheard

No change in word

This prayer is being told, now shut up and listen

An unheard prayer

Just trying to get it out of my hair

Its like no one gives a damn anymore, not a care

Peoples these days are so unaware

"Nicole? Who's that chick?"

"Is she in out little clique?"

I'm not in any...

Yea, Yea, so sue me

5 percentof everything

No one barely knows me, so don't say anything

Miss Invisible, I guess

Like I said, you barely know; get off my chest

I already have enough shit to carry

Surprisingly...Yes, ain't it just scary?

I got family, friends, and school

Tryna fit in; be cool

When now I'm realizing I'm nothing but a fool

My grades suck; F's and D's

Hoping nobdy but me sees


I no longer try; always going berserk

A prayer from a lazy bum

Wishing she could say something other than "ahum..."

Looking for a hand to old

And dying to say her prayer that is still untold

She hides in the shadows

Feeling like dirt; always asking herself "Do I really matter?"

Suicidle thoughts fill her brain

BOOM! Gonna explode; going insane

She cries and screams

But no one hears nor sees

This prayer is unheard

No change in word...