Hearts of Night

Silent night with faraway stars,

Those crystalline tears never falling;

Lighting the sky above a white fluted altar

Upon which we placed our hearts

Under a shadowed canopy.


Calls of birds cut the quiet of night,

Darkness washed out by golden rays,

Retreating to long shadows of fleeting dawn;

The silent tears do fade as though they'd never been.


Our hearts bask in a haze of purity.


Lain out in the shadows of midnight,

Hearts shrink from the glowing light,

Craving those frozen tears of glass

That break apart when they complete

A never ending fall.


My heart longs for the shadows.


Lust for hidden secrets and pain

Slice through stitches just beginning to heal;

Cry as dark blood waters the grass

Giving rise to haunting memories,

While poisoning a mind till it no longer feels.


Broken pieces can still bleed.


White altar stained with the blood of our hearts

Will never again be clean or pure;

The stars above shoot through the night

As crystal tears now fall,

For everything that could have been

If we had listened not to screams of fools,

But whispers from above.


My bleeding heart beats on.