My Opponents Serve

Ironic how so much can be said while one is surrounded by a single cup of coffee.

And, not even a good cup of coffee- a rather badly made, cold, too much espresso, cheap cup of coffee, that suddenly you can find yourself addicted to, for it may be the only sanity left on the face of the planet, so that when anything and everything comes crashing down, at least you can be sorry for throwing that buck seventy-five down the drain for that morning caffeine.

But, I am getting ahead of myself.

The name, is Ace. Ace Cardson.

Not the nickname Ace, but the name Ace. I'm not some sort of laid back, play write actor or a pilot who has managed to destroy five or more of the enemies aircraft, and I really find the game of golf too challenging for me to even begin to learn it's rules. I'd hardly call myself an expert, and my parents certainly were not gamblers of any sort- though, they did have quite a lot of cash. Furthermore, although, I do not play any sport that involves a racket, let me insure you of one thing-

I do know what happens when my opponents serve fails to hit.

"Hey waitress chick, come fill my coffee already!"

"In a second." Nicole Bridges' rather annoyed voice filled the busy room that smelled of different mocha's and lattes. She was the only bust-girl on the job today- her fellow co-worker Buddy Hues worked the cash register. She sat in the chair she'd just slid into across from me, taking a 'small unexpected break' to chat with a friend.

"So…" He voice sounded sweet, and perfectly shy as it always was when she was around me. Unlike Hues, she had never really gotten used to my… Well, different 'take on things'.

I ran my fingers over the smooth, breakable rim of my coffee cup. She was a two years younger then me- seventeen.

"How are you Ace?"

"Alright." I could tell she wanted to touch me, to let me know just how much she was really there. "Except for the weather."

"Ace, it's spring-" I suddenly felt my sunglasses move up on my nose and I froze. "Sorry." The virgin apologized quickly, and I felt her body heat move away from mine as she sat back down in her chair once more. "They were falling down…"

I cleared my throat and gave her a second to relax, before I spoke whole-heartedly.

"I like it when the snowflakes fall on my eyelashes."

"Oh…" Her voice went back to sounding awkward, none the less. "Well… I…"

I did not wait for her to answer, as I knew all to well that Nikki did not have that much courage to voice her own words yet.

The coffee shop hummed and I faintly heard the tall grand father clock hanging on the wall, chime out the mid-early morning hour of nine. The scurry of feet, and the scrapping of metal chairs being pushed in were next to follow.

Nicole sighed, and I knew that more then half of the coffee shop's customers had just cleared out.

"What?" I questioned sarcastically, taking a sip of my coffee and knowing that it wasn't even close to what I had ordered.

However, I wasn't about to rat Nikki out for her 'order taking skills', or possible lack there of.

"Big, sweaty business guys wanting their daily shot of espresso too much work for 'ya?"

Nicole laughed quietly, and I could tell I had struck some sort of nerve that the highly insecure girl had long since developed.

"No." She said softly, and I was quite positive that she was looking away from me. "Compared to other things in my life, this job's almost too easy…"

I was guessing she went back to looking at me then.

I smiled at her. It was nice to hear her say something that was a little more… In depth.

She opened her mouth. I could detect the rush of quiet air as she seemed to struggle with the words she might have been desperately trying to say…

"Nikki!" Hues' half-mad voice came loud to my ears, as he noticed why he suddenly had all the work on his hands. "Get you 'effing ass over here, and wash the 'effing dishes!"

I chuckled. Hues was a good guy. Nicole should try dating him.

"Yeah." I said, letting my mind go out of my empty coffee cup, and slowly running my finger tips over the back of my chair as I stood. I slid on my jacket, feeling the button's to make sure I had it on the right way, before I carefully pushed in my chair, and picked up my cup.

"Ace, wait." The was a loud bang as she stood up so fast that her own chair fell over and crashed to the titled floor of the coffee house. Her voice sounded panted, testy and afraid.

And, yet- it also, possibly for the one time in her life, sounded truthful.

I turned in the direction of her words, but, it didn't matter. She placed one hand one the back of my neck, and kissed my lips… Slowly… Passionately… Forever.

"I love you." Nicole Bridges whispered as if I was dead.

She tried to look into my eyes. Oh, she tried! I could hear the soft tears running down her face, yet- I turned away, putting my right hand a couple of inches in front of me, as I set the coffee cup on the counter for Hues, and then let my feet cautiously run across the hard cold floor of the coffee shop.

Until I reached the door. The little bell 'dinged' as I pushed it open, once again moving my shades further up the brim of my nose.

Because even though I was the one who was blind, she was the one would could not see.

Author's Note: I came up with Ace's character in the middle of school one dull day. The coffee shop scene idea was created from my love for the drink. Please R&R. Jody xoxo.