I am incurably romantic. It might have something to do with being reared on Disney movies like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, or it might just be because I'm a Libra, the most romantic sign of the zodiac. I honestly don't know why, but the fact remains the same. I'm totally hopeless.

And you know the funny thing? Despite my everlasting love of love, I've never been kissed. Heck, I've never even been on a date. This is kind of sad, see as I'm sixteen years old.

However, my lack of a love life definitely isn't due to a lack of trying. I've had my heart broken a countless number of times, and it's even been completely shattered two or three times. It's usually because the guys that I fall for prefer to just be friends, a pattern I've begun to notice.

Despite my numerous failures in the area of love, my romanticism remains unshaken. I firmly believe that there is someone for everyone, and that I'm going to find my true love someday. My friends call me naïve, and maybe I am, but I still believe in love. Some day, my prince will come. For now, he just took a wrong turn off the freeway and is too damn stubborn to ask for directions. Men.


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