A Bitter Obsession Leading To a Sweet Confession

Full summary- Shard is a Homophobic but also gay, he is in love with Leo… Leo has no problem with being with Shard. Only Shard has the problem with needing to be straight… so after a night of amazing love making how will Shard hold up after giving in to a sweet temptation… three days later and the fire burns again… enjoy the story and Read and Review. I don't mind flames and homophobic rantings… I'll update weekly if possible.

It had been three nights since I had Leo. Sure it didn't seem like that long, but every night… sleeping without him… it was beginning to feel like an eternity. I had to avoid him at all costs. I couldn't bring myself to face him, not after what we had done. Some call me a hypocritical homo but I'm not a fag… however reasonable doubt says that the fact that I couldn't meet his eyes anymore was because I fucked him and liked it. Truth be told it freaked me out… I was scared mostly because me falling for him meant I was gay, and that I couldn't except.

I remember the night when I had made him mine, it wasn't new for us. He grew up in Ragnorok, the Demon nation, where no man or women was a virgin to anything after the coming of age. And I, as of late am no stranger to it either, but to make love to a man and like it… it was a completely different experience. I glared at the phone that was two feet in front of me.

"Well, I'll call and make sure he's okay…yeah that's it, I'm just calling to be nice."

A frown followed my glare as I picked up the phone and dialed the number I knew by heart. Two ring before a masculine voice I didn't recognize spoke,

"Leo's residence, Topaz speaking…"

I couldn't help my reaction, "Who the hell are you!?"

His chuckle made my mood elevate into something primitive, "Like I said, Topaz… why ask when I already told you?"

My vodka glass smashed into tiny shard of glass against my door. "Where the fuck is Leo?"

I could picture him grinning, which only made my brows furrow. "Laying beside me, why? You wanna talk to my baby?"

I had to shut my azure eyes and inhale sharply. I kept thinking (I left him and now he's found someone else, why should I be so angry?) I heard a ruffle of cloth against the phone and then a whisper.

"Leo baby, you have a phone call."

Seconds later I heard a small mumble and a sleepy "Hello?" murmured into the receiver.

I took a deep breath to try and regain my composure but the words came out just as rough as I felt. "Who the fuck are you with!?"

Moments ticked by as I waited for a reply, my rage building with every moment.

"Huh? Kraig… is that you?"

"Who the fuck is Kraig!!? You sure didn't have a hard time forgetting me, did you Bunny…"

The fond nickname escaped my lips before I even realized, and suddenly he was yelling into the phone.

"Shard!? Oh my god, Shard…"

I was about to speak when I head a shuffling and Topaz's voice questioning, if that was the asshole who broke his heart. I hung up the phone before I let my emotions slip. My head was in my hands and unshed tears stung my eyes. The phone was ringing, but I couldn't seem to focus. I grabbed the phone and flung it into the nearest wall. The sound of it smashing was music to my ears as the ringing stopped and I could breath again. As I passed the hallway I made sure the plaster felt my anger with every slam of my fist into the wall leaving impressions along the way.

My body crashed on the bed and silent tears fell down my pale cheeks. "Why did he have to be with him… why wasn't I enough…Damn it this is my fault for trying to avoid him…" as the thoughts continued in my head sleep slowly claimed me and my reality blurred into dreams of him.


"Shard… please take me…"

Leo whispered softly in the dark, his warm body lying next to me in the moonlit bed. I turned to him and tried to explain my homophobia yet again, but his sweet lips caught mine in a heated kiss. Slowly I began to fall, and my heart took control. I caressed him and slowly removed his clothes making sure to pay attention to every detailed bend of his slender form. His tender fingers explored me in return with a childlike grace. I stroked him, slowly at first but his intense moans quickly drove me insane. He mirrored my touch and grabbed at my hard member, returning the favor expertly. I couldn't take it much longer so I flipped him over onto his back rubbing my firm shaft against his own. My hips moved in circles and tiny pulses pushing us closer and closer to the edge. As the pleasure started to form into an aching need I rolled him onto his stomach and paused, quietly asking if I could have him. He raised his hips and rocked them against me letting me know that that was the only thing on his mind. I licked down his spine stopping just before the curve of his perfect ass.

"Do you have…any lube?" I asked a bit embarrassed.

He silently reached under his bed and pulled out a small bottle of thick, clear liquid. I took the bottle and tilted it watching it drip down his entrance. I slid one finger in and circled my finger around his tightness. Another digit and he began to relax until he was ready for me. I thrust myself into him without hesitation.

We made love more than seven times that night before exhaustion claimed me… then hours later I awoke to find myself naked in a bed with a man I had just fucked and liked it.

(end of flash back)

Warm arms held me in a state close to sleep, so close I wasn't sure if it was a dream or not. Gentle kisses found my neck and shoulders. A sigh fell from my parted lips as a tongue moistened the sensitive skin behind my ear. Fingertips trailed my spine tenderly. My eyes blinked open and closed, a thought came slowly into my mind as I turned my head and upper body to come face to face with angelic demon. He cupped my cheek with a slender hand. His long shoulder length golden hair looked like it had been dipped in oil at the tips. Large almond shaped emerald eyes looked sympathetically into mine. My mind was slow to register that the demonic angel before me was in fact Leo. A small smile crept into my gaze.

"You left the door unlocked…"

I slapped my forehead before I even realized, not believing that my ever so cautious defense system had failed me. I slowly spread my fingers to find Leo in front of me, carefully seated on my bed sheets. I opened up my mouth but quickly shut it, no way would I apologize, I had done nothing wrong.

"So was he a good fuck, that Topaz of yours?"

The sadness in his eyes deepened, then he sighed. "Shard…"

It seemed he was out of words. His eyes flashed anguished filled and somber, I used all the skills I had and looked up with a careless expression knowing that it would hurt him the most.

"Shard why are you acting like this… you know I love only you… you're the one who cant say you love me back…"

He put a hand to rest on my upper thigh and I feigned disgust grabbing his hand and throwing it off of me. He closed his eyes and his frown deepened. I scowled.

"Touch me and I'll hurt you…"

"Shard if I listened to every threat that came from your fowl mouth I'd-"

I grabbed his shoulder and growled low in my throat, "Leo… I…"

It was on the tip of my tounge and yet I couldn't say it. I couldn't apologize, even though it truly was my fault. He looked at me and waited. I got up off the bed and stood, my body paced a few times before I realized what I was doing. I stopped abruptly and looked at him.

"Leo… I am sorry…" I quickly added, "That I cant be the fag you always dreamed of!"

I turned on my heel and grabbed my long black leather coat from the armrest of a chair by my door. Leo was a step behind me and as my hand reached the doorknob his hand slammed upon it in front of me.

"Were not done talking…"

"I'm done… done with everything." I whispered darkly and looked down unable to meet his soft, hurt emerald gaze.

He lifted up my chin and instead of the hurt expression I was expecting all I saw was anger in those amazing eyes.

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