A/C: This is a story I thought up after talking with an old friend. It may seem a bit unique versus my normal, right? But, hey that's why they make fantasy writing, yes? Anyway feel free to leave me some feedback; but, please keep the flames to yourself. I don't like them, and nor would you if someone were to trash a piece of work that you were proud of. With that over: Sit back, and enjoy. I'm always up for reading some nice responses. –smiles-

WARNING: Apart of this story deals with the element of self-injury. If you are sensitive to this type of thing; or aren't into dark themes, or elements then I highly suggest you don't read any further. This is simply for the story; and nothing that should be tried on your own time. Thank-you, and enjoy. –bows-

It was pretty late, as I gazed onto the bright, orange streetlight that stood not far from the window in which I had looked into. All was quiet in the mansion in which I shared with my friends, as I continued to stare: lost in my own little world, as a light sigh escaped from my lips.

Everyone was asleep: and I, as always: Stayed up until almost the break of dawn, just thinking. Back to a time before this one: To a future that I would never know: All because I had screwed up the only relationship that had left me truly happy.

Oh, sure, I had since moved on. In fact, I was now married to my childhood sweetheart: The girl who had I had met at only two months; as our parents had been great friends since forever. I loved her, I admit. She was a doll.

But, for some reason tonight had taken me back. Back to a better time and place: Long before my world had crashed down before my very eyes. I could remember it so well.

I felt a pained sigh hit my lips; placing a hand to my right wrist. Damn it!

I hated going back to this again; I hated it. I had been clean for so long: And now I was right back to where I had started. I was so pathetic that it made me sick to even look into the mirror everyday.

A hiss broke my trance; lifting the scrunchie that I had hid my dark secret from the world within: hiding more of my shame with it's cottony texture. I couldn't focus on this right now. There was too much going on.

Sighing, I closed my glacier eyes: Thinking back to a time's past. Long before I had even gotten together with my wife; sighing deeply. I could remember our first meeting as if it was only yesterday:

"Anton, where the hell are we going?" I questioned to the blonde man beside me.

My friend sighed, "Gin, do I have to say it again? I want you to meet a friend of mine. Come on!" he laughed, taking my hand, and dragging me further into the woods.

I tensed up, "B-But, there's too much brush; and it'll be dark soon," I spoke, not wanting to go.

I had been more content to stay at home, and drown out my being single with alcohol, or something. Or maybe ice cream. That sounded really good right now.

Anton rolled his eyes, "You're being silly, Gin. It's not much further. Come on!" he coaxed, pushing his way through a few more shrubs, and bushes.

"A-All right," I stated, feeling a gulp run through my throat.

I had grown up in the city; so, I wasn't used to being out in the great outdoors.

My parents had been…well; you could call them 'warriors,' almost. They fought for the forces of good; and kept evil away from the area. I had admired them for it, to be honest. I had been their only child and of course: I was spoiled rotten because of it.

I felt my form run into something, screaming out in bloody murder; and batting it away.

Anton turned around, "What's wrong this time?" he questioned, seeing the fear laced in my eyes.

"There are spider webs in here!" I choked out, feeling my slender form shake.

I was terrified of spiders; and if I saw a web, or any sign I'd go crazy with fright. Hell, one time I found one while I was in the bathroom, taking a shower; and well: Needless to say: I about ran out the door: Well, you know the rest.

Anton broke into laughter, sighing, "You amuse me, Gin."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned, brushing the final strands of "silk" from my dress.

"It means you act like it's the end of the world. Come on: Would I let anything happen to you?" Anton responded, placing his hands to his hips.

"I-I guess not," I got out, looking to the ground.

Now I had felt bad. I didn't want to ruin whatever surprise he had had in store for me.

"Exactly. And it's just around the corner. Now, let's go, sweetie," Anton spoke again, leading me even further.

I followed him up a narrow hill; panting a bit from being out of breath, as he smirked:

"We're here," he got out, causing me to blink in curiosity.

Before us, stood a great waterfall…a stream leading up to the falls, as lush, green grass accompanied it. I admit: It really was peaceful here. The sun weaved it's way through the slightly blowing treetops, as it had felt like a mystical paradise.

I took a moment to breathe in the fresh, summer air. I could get used to this life.

My solace was broken by my friend's laughter, as I re-opened my closed eyes: Looking to him, as I nearly keeled over with fright.

There, placed safely in his hands: Was a lone, brown tarantula.

Anton must have sensed this, because:

"Hey, now…don't be scared. She won't hurt you," he smiled, seeming to pet the little creature placed in his hands: Seeming to crawl up onto his shoulder; almost looking up towards him with big, curious eyes.

I sighed a bit in fear, backing away, as my friend shook his head; beckoning me closer.

"Gin, it's okay. Come here," he spoke: waving me closer.

"B-But-" I got out, locking eyes with my so-long friend.

"Come here. She's friendly, I promise," Anton smiled, as he continued to stroke the spider's form; laughing lightly, "Aww," he got out, seeing the little creature make it's way around to his other shoulder; as if it knew him somehow.

"S-She?" I spoke, my eyes widening with surprise, "What do you mean, 'she?'" I questioned, gazing harder onto it.

Anton laughed lightly, "Yes, I said 'she.' You've been afraid of these little guys for so long Today, I'm breaking you of said fear," he got out.

I felt myself go tense. Was he crazy?

"Say hi," Anton got out, holding out his hand: The spider crawling down from his shoulder, and onto it.

"Have you gone mad?" I spat out; my eyes nearly popping out from my head at this.

"Gin: Just trust me…" he spoke, holding it out even further, "Would I hurt a friend I've known for so long?"

He had a point. We had been friends for a couple of years now. In fact he was the only male, aside from my parent's friends that I had really talked to. Truth be told? I was into women. I had always been this way, as far back as I could remember. Men just didn't appeal to me much.

"Now, give me your hand," Anton instructed, as I shakily held it out.

I trusted him enough to know he wouldn't place me into any danger.

I tensed up; whimpering, as I felt myself tear up in fear: Seeing the spider make it's way from Anton's hand onto my own; feeling a tickle from it's legs, as I laughed just a little from it.

My friend smiled, "See? She won't hurt you," he promised, watching me holding the little creature in the palm of my hand.

I blinked, seeing it almost nuzzle into me. Was I losing it? Could spiders do that?

Anton giggled, "See? She likes you," he spoke, stepping closer to us.

"I-I guess. Where did you find it?" I questioned, "I've never known a spider to just up, and take so kindly to a human."

I was curious now; as I felt the creature settle into me: almost like a pet would do.

"I found her here about six months ago. I call her Diox," Anton smiled; almost proud of me.

"Diox. I like that," I stated, the spider seeming to almost perk up as the name rolled from my tongue.

My friend took a place on the grass; looking up:

"You looked like you could use a companion. And I figured this one would be perfect," he smiled, continuing to watch me.

"Never thought I'd have a pet spider," I got out, amazed that I was actually going through with this, and not hitting the floor in fright.

Anton laughed once again. What was he planning, anyway?

"She's not an ordinary spider, dearie. She's…you could say: special," he got out with his trademark smirk: almost as if he was thinking up something.

One could never tell with him, really. He was the type. He liked to come out, and surprise people.

"I don't get it," I stated, locking eyes with my friend.

Anton only laughed.

He stood back up, walking back to us; seeming to whisper to the spider itself. Okay, this was starting to creep me out.

"All right show her," he whispered, as I jolted.

The spider literally jumped down from my hand; slinging a web from a nearby blade of grass, as it settled gracefully onto the earth. I watched, seeing it skitter away into a mess of bush by the falls.

What the-?

The flashing of a silvery light brought my attention. What the hell was that?!

I made my way over; as a shadowed figure could be seen; locks of it's hair seeming to sway with the slight, summer breeze that surrounded us.

Okay, I shouldn't have drank that Jolt cola before I left.

"What's going on? Anton?" I called, hearing movement from behind the tall trees, as I continued to stare.

Apart of me wanted to run; as you never knew what kind of people hung out in these parts of the forest; but another fascinated me. I knew the workings of magic; as I had grown up around it: But, I had never seen this type of magic before. It pulled me in.

I stepped a bit closer; seeing the figure turn away from where it seemed to be looking at the stream heading towards me, as I gasped.

Dear goddess: Please don't let this be some random killer hiding in the forest.

I felt my eyes widen seeing it step into the sunlight.

Hey, wait a second: Wasn't that where the spider had crawled off to before?

What was happening?

"H-Hello?" I got out, literally pinching myself to make sure I wasn't going crazy.

The figure stepped into the light as I was met with:

'Amber eyes?' I got out, gazing into their shine.

Locks of deep brown waves seemed to move with each step they took.

Before me stood the most beautiful woman I had laid eyes on; feeling my heart skip a beat.

She blinked herself; staring back upon my form, as I looked back to my friend, mentally asking what the hell was happening.

Anton only laughed, sensing my curious eyes.

"Gin: meet Diox," he got out, smirking.

Those were the last words I had heard before my form hit the hard earth.

To be continued…