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I walked through the door of a white cottage, blinking in surprise at what I saw.

If one had never known Diox's secret: They'd think she was a normal human girl.

I had to smirk at that. She reminded me of me in that way. I too held my secrets most in which few knew about; and I intended to keep it that way.

It's not that I was being heartless: Just: If one of them got out: I'd be dead.

And before you ask any questions: No, I wasn't some silent killer, or anything. It was the complete opposite, you could say. I'm not revealing more.

My eyes widened in awe: Looking around the living room, as the fresh smell of cinnamon filled my senses. I sighed to myself. This made me feel all warm and cozy inside. It was much nicer than my place: Which was your basic apartment set in the outskirts of the city.

I swear, a girl could get used to this.

As I mentioned before: I had been born and raised in the city. I was still getting used to the country-life. But, I had to admit: Compared to the city's bright lights, and the smell of gasoline from the street: This felt like a warm, tropical paradise.

A voice broke me from my trance, causing me to come back to 'earth.'

"Like what you see?" Diox questioned, shutting the door, as she entered; locking it with a grin.

I gasped in surprise, whipping around.

All right: I've gotta pull my head from the clouds already.

"You're my prisoner now," she hissed, looking back towards me with devious eyes.

I felt myself turn white, "Your what?!" I squeaked out, feeling my heart pound.

The other woman muffled a chuckle it breaking into hearty laughter, as her expression changed to a smile, shaking her head:

"Gin, I'm kidding. Calm down," she laughed, hiding it with her hand.

I felt a sigh of relief overtake me, catching the breath that had left my throat when I went white; blushing for the millionth time today.

Man, I've gotta stop that.

"You scared the hell out of me," I spoke, pressing a hand to my chest.

Diox giggled, "Pardon my humor, sweetie. I tend to joke around quite a lot. It brings more meaning to life, you know?"

I nodded, "I do know. I'm sorry. I just: You know: When you grow up in the city-" I stated, coughing slightly, looking down to the carpet.

Now I felt like an ass. I really needed to wake up and realize that I wasn't in the city anymore; and that the crime rate was much lower here.

Diox brought a hand to my cheek, causing me to look up into friendly, amber eyes:

"I understand. But, learn to chill out a little, Gin. If you go through life being serious all the time: You're slowly killing yourself. And, well, I'd like to see you around for a while," she winked, causing me to smile warmly.

This had felt nice. Not to mention for a spider: She had a warm touch. For some reason: I wasn't afraid of her anymore.

"Thank-you," I got out, feeling my face get warm again.

Okay, enough with the blushing already, there, Gin.

"No problem," Diox stated, pausing to think.

My new friend looked towards the entertainment center for a moment, returning to my form:

"Now then," she got out, "Let's get you fixed up, shall we? No need for you to have that headache," she suggested, as I nodded my agreement.

"Right this way, dear," she spoke, heading towards a long staircase.

I followed suit, as she led me down the hall a little ways; and towards the second door on the left; stopping just short of it.

She flicked on the light, as she stepped inside, going towards the linen closet.

"Just relax, and have a seat. I'll do the work," she spoke again, as I lightly took a place on the wicker chair that was placed near the window; sighing.

It had felt good to sit down after walking for so long. Not to mention the slight summer wind, and the gentle crashing of the water from the lake made me feel so at peace. More so than I had ever felt in my entire life. I smiled.

"Your place is lovely, Diox," I complimented, smiling contently as I could still hear the distant roaring of the falls.

My friend turned back towards me; holding a rag in her hand, as she went to the sink, dousing it in water.

"Thanks. Anton actually helped me pick it out. I mentioned I wanted a place out in the country: and, well, here I am now," she smiled, squeezing the wet rag out, and setting it on the sink top.

I nodded, "Have you always lived here? I mean, in the country?" I asked, feeling the cool rag suddenly being placed onto my temple; sighing refreshingly, as it had felt great compared to the sheering pain that I had felt from landing on the ground earlier.

Diox cleaned up the slight scratches that I had achieved from hitting the 'floor' so hard, as she spoke:

"Pretty much all of my life. This environment is all I know about, really. You could say I: came here from a long journey, almost. It's hard to explain," she stated, rinsing the dirt from the rag; handing it back:

"Here…feel free to cool off," she offered, as I gratefully took it: wiping the sweat from my face.

Granted: the place had air conditioning: But, the cool spray from the rag hitting my warm face felt amazing.

"Thanks," I replied, doing just that, as I paused, looking to her:

"Hey, if I asked you something: Could you be honest with me?" I spoke, turning towards her amber eyes.

Diox gave a blink; almost in shock that someone had wanted to ask her a question. Had she lived alone for that long without any human contact?

I felt myself frown mentally. If so: That was so sad. She seemed nice enough. Anyone who didn't see that obviously didn't have a heart to his or her chest.

"Uh…y-yeah. Sure. What is it?" she responded, taking a place upon the closed toilet-seat cover, turning to face me.

"What do you mean by 'journey?' Are you a wanderer?" I asked, curious.

I couldn't help it. She was so fascinating.

I just hoped she wasn't going to be upset with me for prying into her personal life. I mean, we had just met this afternoon. I didn't want to be a snoop, or anything.

Diox looked down at the wooden finish of the floor, paling just a little.

"Yeah. You could say that…I guess," she stated, looking back up.

I nodded, "I bet you've seen so many amazing things. I grew up in the city. New York, to be exact. I never truly saw much except flashing lights, busy streets, and smog."

Diox reached into the nearby cabinet: taking out a small thing of Ibuprofen: twisting the cap, as she set it on the sink, laughing lightly, "Laugh all you want: But, I don't think I've seen a city light before in my life. Just the occasional crack of lightning; or some random car driving by. That's about it," she smiled lightly.

"Mmm. It's nothing too spectacular, though, I can assure you. It's: Well, think of waking up every morning, going to school; and wondering if you'll be alive to see the end of the day. That's the city in a nutshell," I explained, looking towards the window, "I much rather like it here, to be honest."

"It's a beautiful place. I don't care what people say: The best things on this rock are the things that don't cost a penny," Diox stated, as I silently agreed.

It was true: the sunset, the stars, the moonlight, the lake, the mountains; and the feeling you get when you know someone truly cares. Nothing could ever come close to it; and nothing ever would.

"That's so true. And so many humans take this place for granted, you know? They're so busy running around with their job: That they don't take time to smell the roses, so to speak," I added on, shifting a bit.

"It's a shame, really. But, then again maybe it's a good thing? You know? I mean: Let's say that they all come to the country. First thing: All these trees go. Then come their industries, their shopping malls, and their convenience stores: And the next thing we all know: The lakes are polluted. I'd much rather keep what little of this world that's still beautiful: beautiful," Diox stated, reaching for the aspirin.

I laughed, "You know? I've never met another human that's ever thought on the same level as I have. It's kind of nice being able to hold a conversation without being told I'm wrong."

Diox laughed, shaking the bottle: two tiny brown circle pills falling into her open hand.

"I know what you mean. So many are hell-bent on their own views; and never stop to maybe see things in another's eyes, you know?" she got out, holding out her hand to me, "And these will help your headache. They're aspirin," she smiled, looking at me in a friendly manner.

I took them into my own, "Thanks," I spoke, seeing her fill a Dixie cup with water, holding it out.

I took the cup, downing the pills, and the water, as I swallowed; finishing the rest of it off, as I tossed it in the garbage to my left.

"And you're right about that. People are so damn stuck up," I stated, thinking back to those I had come across in the city.

They were all so sure of their own thoughts and views; and they almost always flipped out when you'd try to make them see someone else's for once. I shook my head. It sickened me, really. For all I could say is: I hope that someday: They got off of their 'thrones,' and grew the fuck up.

"Yeah, they are," Diox spoke again in agreement, looking back towards me from the window, "But, you know? I'm actually glad we met today, Gin. Anton really knew what he was doing. It's nice to meet someone who's not like everyone else," she spoke, a light smile sweeping it's way across her delicate features.

I felt a smile lace my own, nodding my agreement, "Me too. You're not like the rest either, Diox. You're so open-minded; and you're so willing to see the good in people. The world could learn a lot from you, sweetie."

I jolted in my thoughts. Did I just call her 'sweetie?' Okay, I had to be careful. I didn't want to scare her off with anything. I mean, I had just met her; and I didn't want to wreck what could be a great thing with my big mouth.

After all: Right now: If anything: I could really use a friend.

I could have been dreaming, because I swear: I saw her blush just then; feeling a giggle emit from my soul. I was really starting to relax; and I'll tell you what: It had felt so damn good.

"And you, Gin. And you," Diox replied, re-capping the bottle; setting it aside for later, if needed.

We locked eyes for the moment; a peaceful silence taking over us both.

"Thank-you for: You know: Helping me out back there. I owe you one," I stated, breaking the silence.

Diox laughed very lightly, "No need to thank me. I enjoy helping others out. Besides: I did scare the unholy hell out of you. I couldn't let you walk away screaming," she winked, laughter suddenly filling us both.

I had felt my headache start to subside, as I looked towards her.

I had to say: She was absolutely beautiful. One of the: If not the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes upon.

But, apart of me was still so curious. She was such a mystery. Especially since I had literally seen her transform from a spider to a human girl.

But, I didn't want to interfere with her life. I'd ask her later on. Right now I was just enjoying my time of getting to know her as a person: Not as to what type of magic she may possess.

I sighed, feeling a yawn break from my soul; bringing my hand to hide it; smiling with a blush as Diox arched a thin brow towards me.

"You all right?" she questioned, raising her gaze back towards me.

I leaned back, feeling weariness swirl around me. Man, I guess not sleeping, and crying over being lonely really does catch up to a person. I blinked, trying to shake it off: Failing miserably. I was completely exhausted.

I blushed, "Yeah. I'm just a little tired. I haven't slept well lately," I answered, brushing a lock of my hair from my shoulders.

"I'm sorry," Diox frowned, "Did you…wanna crash for a little while?" she offered.

I met her eyes, "Oh; I- I don't wanna be a burden. I already invaded your house; used your washcloth; and downed two of your aspirin," I stated, laughing a bit nervously.

I really didn't wish to intrude. This was her place, after all.

The young woman beside me broke into laughter, shaking her head:

"Gin, I'll say it again: One: I invited you; Two: I gave you the aspirin; and Three: Honey, it's just a facecloth. It can be thrown in the washer. Don't worry about it, truly," she spoke, smiling sincerely in my direction.

"Are you sure? I feel bad about asking," I frowned, lowering my gaze to the floor.

I felt her hand upon my cheek once again, bringing my eyes to merge with her own.

They were such a nice shade of amber. Almost like the shade you find when sunlight hits a fresh batch of warm, maple syrup. I swear, I could look into them forever, and never get tired of them. I could so easily get lost within their cores.

My friend shook her head, "Yes, Gin, I'm sure. If you're tired: Then go on and sleep in my guestroom. Your eyes tell me you're ready for a nap," she smirked, arching a brow in my direction.

I nodded, feeling myself slowly start to drift off. She was right. I did need a nap.

I mean staying up until the break of dawn; and then sleeping for maybe 4 hours; and getting up due to sunlight slamming into your form; and cars driving by who didn't know how to be quiet about it really took the energy out of a person.

"All right. I'll take you up on that offer, Di," I got out, looking to her, "Can I call you that?"

I wanted to make totally sure. I knew that Anton had used that nickname; and I wanted to make sure that I could as well.

"Go for it," Diox stated, getting up, "And that works," she smiled, tossing the rag in the nearby hamper.

"I'll show you to it," she stated, flicking off the light: Now leaving us with the pre-setting sun.

I stood back up; following her out, as she led me a few more doors down the hallway: stopping at the third one itself, as she pointed to it, "Well, there we go. There's extra blankets in the closet if you get cold; and if you want-" she got out, hitting the button for the ceiling fan above: a light whirring sound being heard as it spun around in it's holder: a cool, tranquil breeze being felt as it moved ever so gracefully.

"Some air to keep you cool," she spoke, stepping towards the door again.

I stepped inside, as I nodded; yawning once again.

"Thanks. I really appreciate this, Di," I got out, looking to the woman before me.

"No big," Diox spoke with a dismissing wave, "Anyway I'm not far; so, if you need anything: Yell at me," she added on, flicking the light switch on the wall; seeing the room become a brighter as it came on.

"Will do. Thank-you again," I stated, smiling lightly.

"My pleasure. Sleep well, Gin. I'll see you when you wake up," Diox stated, stepping towards the 'exit.'

"Thanks. Have fun, now," I replied back; going towards the bed, and turning down the covers.

It was still pretty warm out: So, I knew I wouldn't need very many upon me.

"Always," Diox winked, heading out: Shutting the door lightly in her wake.

I sighed, breathing in the fresh, mountain breeze. I was actually starting to like it here.

Call me crazy: But, it had felt so much more laid-back than my city up bringing. I smiled.

Diox was a sweetheart. I was glad I had been introduced to her this afternoon.

I walked towards the window; lightly drawing the silken drapes, as I kicked off my sneakers: Setting them aside, so I wouldn't trip over them when I came to…whenever that would be.

All I knew was right now: I intended to pass out.

I made my way into the bed; groaning wearily into it's soft plush; bringing the covers to my form; and fluffing the pillow.

I had a feeling I'd be sleeping great tonight.

I sighed, closing my glacier eyes, as I turned towards the door; releasing a tired breath.

I felt the world slip away, as the sounds from the lake, and the soothing wind became my lullaby. I smiled contently. To hell with the city: This was truly the life.

Before I gave into it completely: I made a vow to see Diox more often. I really liked her.

My world slipped away, as I fell into a land of dreams that I had been so deprived of. Peaceful dreams of the present; and my thoughts of a hopeful future.

To be continued…(Don't hit me. ;; -sweatdrop-)