roiling clouds, arctic showers;
rain meteoric, icy blue.
giggling, clenching stolen flowers
on rivered roads, on floods we flew.

i and the girl, grinning, dripping,
run over danger, gutters spitting;
by the hand, through slashing cascade
she, and i, and our flowers, made

our way to the fort, makeshift shield
flee from the chasing lightning fields;
through the makeshift door we crash
and dodge a fitful blinding flash.

and falling rains the world devour,
her and i shaking, freezing
within, together we, fearless, cower,
warm hearts beating, racing, heating

each other. teeth-chattered lover,
hold me close we'll swirl in fire;
sunflower-coloured emerald lover.
as thunder strains a lightning lyre.

perfect girl, perfect there,
my curling fingers in her hair;
chattered teeth meets slightly blue,
the closest kiss i never knew

only caring for ever loving
my cherished angel, my only light;
after kissing, you take to wing
and shattering, white-feathered flight

leaves me…

alone in a fort of makeshift beam.
outside; the slicing waters teem
and anguish tears of memory stream
my tragic, breaking, rain-ling dream.

let fall what was once thought ours
green-and-yellow, stolen flowers.