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Chapter Twenty Two

There was no question about it. Kiera had gone over and over and over it in her mind since the day she had met him.

Dean was Death. She didn't know how or why or even if he knew, but she was certain. After all these years she would know that face anywhere, only instead of black eyes he had deep brown, human eyes. He even had a name – Dean.

She sighed getting out of bed, it was just past two in the morning and instead of failing to force herself to bed she got up and flicked the kettle on, aware that Louisa was due her bottle. Though Louisa was almost ready to stop her night feeds she did it automatically anyway.

Once more in her life Kiera was as confused as ever. Death was human.

He'd asked her out.

Subconsciously Kiera's eyes wondered over to her mobile, she hadn't rang him, she hadn't even text him. She was scared and confused. Without question she was attracted to him he was so handsome that sometimes if she thought about him for a while, it made her ache inside and long for his touch.

The kettle boiled and Louisa's sudden cry made her focus on reality and more importantly her past. She blushed in embarrassment at where her trail of thought had led. How could she? Louis was still in her heart. She had recently given birth to his child.

Yet some how, since that day her pain had eased slightly and she never thought it ever would.

Sighing she went through to the nursery with Louisa's bottle in hand. Putting the bottle down to cool she picked Louisa up to comfort her.

"It's coming sweetie." She hushed to her baby daughter. As she fed her daughter her mind came to the only conclusion it could. The one and only thing that had stayed solid in her life for as long as she could remember. First thing in the morning she would ring Sakura, she'd been meaning to for a few days now anyway, plus she wanted to raise the planning of Louisa's christening with her, and of course ask her to be godmother.

Louisa woke her at 6:30 in the morning. Kiera had been awake an hour already and was glad for the distraction. Deciding it was way too early to ring Sakura yet she set about getting Louisa ready followed by herself. It took over two hours, Louisa had been sick twice meaning a change of clothes and more cleaning up before being able to get sorted.

By nine she figured Sakura would at least be waking up, even if it was a Saturday.

The phone rang six times before she got an answer.

"Hmmm." Guess she'd woke her after all. Oops.

"Sakura – sorry to wake you but I am in desperate need of some adult conversation – clothes, bags, shoes, men anything!" Like she predicted she'd said the magic words.

"I'll be over in an hour and we can go out. It's about time you get out of those four walls and make sure you don't smell like baby sick. As much as I love Louisa I can't stand the smell." Smiling into the phone Kiera couldn't help rolling her eyes, despite the lack of audience. Trust her best friend to be so frank and honest. Luckily Kiera knew Sakura well and could take her bluntness.

An hour and fifteen minutes later Kiera watched from the window as Sakura's green mini pulled up outside. Checking herself and Louisa over one final time and making sure she had everything minus the smell of baby sick she made her way to the door with Louisa in hand.

She pulled the door open before Sakura had chance to knock.

"Are you sure its all going to fit?" she queered gesturing to Louisa in her baby seat, her pram and baby bag.

"For you Kiera darling we'll make it fit!" Kiera laughed inside at the sight of Sakura trying to manage the pram down the flat stairs. God she loved her. Sighing she locked the door behind her, baby bag on shoulder and carried Louisa in her car seat down the stairs after Sakura.


"So, lets talk." Sakura began. It was late dinner, they'd just sat down to eat at a cheap but lovely restaurant in the local shopping centre. Sakura had bags surrounding her, while Kiera had Louisa's things surrounding her. Louisa having recently had her feed was fast asleep next to their table in her pram. After the struggle of getting the pram in the boot of Sakura's mini and Sakura's mad shopping fit (it seems she had missed Kiera's important input in that area), it was the first proper chance they'd had to talk and catch up. "How are things?" Kiera knew straight away what she meant.

"Exhausting." Taking a sigh she sipped at her coffee and sat back in the chair. It was the first time since before Louisa's birth she'd felt able to relax. "I don't feel like I have any time to myself, but when I think that I feel guilty that I should want that time, because Louisa needs me more than anything and I don't want to let her or Louis down. I want to be the best mum I can be, but I never thought it would be this hard."

"Kiera you are going to be the best mum ever. You've already done Louis proud and you always will. You've got so much support from your friends, family and even Louis' family, you know that, and it's important that you get some time to yourself, it doesn't mean your being selfish or abandoning Louisa."

"I know your right. I think I just need to get used to doing everything."

"That's what I'm here for – to keep you in check. Now were my ears deceiving me or did you say something about talking about men on the phone?" Sakura's eyes sparkled with mischief. Damn it, Kiera thought she'd got away with it. More fool her for Sakura picking up on that fact. Especially when Kiera hadn't spoke to Sakura about men since well before Louis's death. It was a clear give away. How did she start?

In the end she blurted everything out for fear of exploding. (Well apart from the Death part of course, that information would be buried with her.)

"What the hell are you waiting for? Call him!" Sakura proceeded to confirmed Kiera's deepest thoughts. "Don't you dare bring up Louis either," she protested seeing my expression and naturally reading her mind, "or Louisa – you said she was with you when he met you? So he already doesn't mind her. Louis would want you to move on and find happiness again, and what about Louisa – she needs a father figure."

Kiera laughed "don't you think your reading into it a little bit too far now."

"OK point taken but don't change the subject. Do it or so help me god I'll nag you for eternity." Kiera nodded and promised she would.

"Now thats over, I need to talk to you about Louisa's christening, being godmother I think you should have a say in organising it, and plus that means more shopping and who better than you!"

"Godmother!? Oh my god! I'd love to – wait are you sure I haven't got a clue when it comes to kids. Wait strike that I'm going to show her the ropes! Louisa your going to be the best little shopper ever!" Laughing Kiera and Sakura got to work.


It was later that evening and Kiera had been doing everything possible since Louisa had gone to bed to some how pluck up the courage to do as she had promised.

She'd come so close to calling Dean about eight times.

She hit ring.

"Hello?" A masculine voice answered. It reminded her of her childhood, it was the voice of her dreams and nightmares. So many times she had cried over this man. So many loved ones had been taken by this man. Was she crazy? "Hello?" he repeated. Panicked she hung up, her heart racing. She chewed at her lip. She really was crazy. She couldn't ever see this man again. After everything she'd been through it was impossible.

The sound of her mobile ringing made her jump. Cursing she answered it quickly instinctively just to stop the noise and prevent her from waking Louisa.

"Hello?" she answered, ready to almost shout at whoever it was whilst trying to listen out for any sign of Louisa having been woken.

"Hi, is that Kiera?" concentrating as having thought she'd heard a stir from Louisa's room. How dare this person ring and wake her daughter.

"Yes. Who is this?" she asked as the last word left her mouth she silently cursed as it clicked.

"Dean, did you just ring me?"

"Umm... yes... sorry my signal must have cut us off." Kiera replied thinking fast.

"Oh. It seems to be OK now." Dean continued.

"Yes it's the area I live its like it all the time." Kiera lied. Damn it he was just as annoying human.

"Did you want to grab a coffee or go to dinner sometime?" he asked breaking the awkward silence. Did she? That was a good question. The reason she'd hung up was because of all the reason's she'd thought about not to. Yet other things crept to the service of her mind. He had given her the chance to see Louis again. He had helped save her daughter's life. Even after everything there was nothing doubting that fact. She owed him for that. "Kiera?" Dean's husky voice broke her silence. He sounded almost worried.

"Yes." She coughed clearing her voice and making it louder. "Yes – sorry. I'd like that a lot."

And just like that it was decided. Kiera was going on a date with Death himself. Though she supposed she'd have to stop calling or thinking of him as that. Death was no longer a big part of Kiera's life. At least not in the sense it used to be. Dean however, might just be, only time would tell. Kiera remained hopeful and even though there were so many unanswered questions she believed that one day they would come to her. In the meantime, she planned on living life to the full after seeing Death himself she had learnt that more than anything.

After all without life there would be no death.