Morning Sorrow, Evening Solace

This came about over summer vacation. I was in Mississippi and it was hot and humid...


Why does every day have to start like this? You wake up. Everything's perfect. The sun is rising, birds are waking and heralding the morn, and there you are awake and relaxed on a soft, warm bed looking out the window at the glorious sunrise.

Then the alarm goes off shattering the peace of early morning and you have to get up. So you grudgingly slide out of bed, stretch and go on with your morning routine. Shower, dress, hair and make-up, eat and grab a cup of coffee. By the time you're running out the door morning has rapidly progressed to blue cloudless skies and sauna like heat.

You catch a bus to the office and run up the four fights of steps and to your meeting, just on time. After the meeting make your way over to your cubicle with a view of the office wall and commence with the piles of paperwork. Lunch is forgotten as you are immersed too deeply in the report that is due your boss tomorrow. Finishing that you find you have nothing left to do so sit at your desk listening to the clock. The monotonous hours tick by slowly and you find yourself longing for the evening and the stars you love.

The hour finally comes that you leave work for home. It has cooled enough that you walk enjoying the stretching of your muscles. You reach home shower, change and eat dinner and finally, descending with the sun evening arrives bringing with it a cool ocean breeze and amazing colors as the sunset floods the sky.

Then as dusk settles and fades into night you watch your beloved stars come out one by one as you lay in bed looking out the open window watching the sky as you slowly drift off to sleep.