Nature once spoke-

Did you know?

My time was after

The Great Desecration,

But memories die harder.

Once there were rivers:

Thundering torrents and languid drifts

That spoke of anger and gentleness.

Once there were rainforests:

Vast robes of green and endless tears

That spoke of joy and sorrow.

Once there were deserts:

Barren stretches and sand-dressed wind

That spoke of longing and daring.

Once there were seas:

Huge cups of water and churning currents

That spoke of vitality and emptiness.

Once, there were many ways that Nature spoke in,

But no more.

The rivers and the seas turned truly empty;

Denied their children

By the poisons of Man.

The rainforests and their kindred bowed and fell;

Denied their children

By the cold blade of Man.

The deserts, no evil then

Became truly barren

By the stripping of Man.

And the voices of Nature

Faded into the hallways of death,

Evicted from the hallways of the living

By Man's judgement.

Though in my time I am denied

What my ancestors heard, and quelled,

My heart aches to hear those voices,

Those soft, beautiful voices

So heavenly, they must have been crafted by an immortal.

So now, do I long for death,

So that I might hear

What was stolen from mortals?

Or do I wait in the hallways of the living,

And hope with my sick heart

That the voices of Nature

Will be resurrected?