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"We need to work something new out," Anna said to Amber the next morning when there was no one else in the bathroom with them. "We can't pretend that it's the second day of camp because come Saturday, it's the inter-camp relay race, not the dance."

Amber smirked and spun to face Anna. "Does this have something to do with Alan and making-out last night?" The look in Amber's eyes scared Anna. "Be careful who knows about that, Zuki."

Anna bit the inside of her cheek, trying not to get angry, but just the thought of Amber managed drive her mad now. "Maybe," she admitted. "I say we just pretend we've come this far through camp and we haven't gotten into any fights or arguments."

Amber turned back to the mirror. "Acceptable," she said. "On the condition that you tell Harris to be nicer to me."

"His opinion of you is completely based off his thoughts of you, and not how we became three-second enemies. Sorry, but I don't have power over him."

Amber frowned. "Fine, I'll just have to convince him my own way."

Anna was about to walk out of the bathroom when she suddenly stopped. "I've just had the most genius idea."

"I doubt that," Amber remarked.

"No, for the camp relay, we should choose volleyball," Anna said. "You know how much actual skill and talent it really takes to play volleyball. And it's non-contact so we don't have to worry about hurting the science camp kids or getting hurt by the boot camp kids."

Amber turned to Anna, an actual smile on her face. "Let's go," Amber said grabbing Anna's wrist and the two sprinted to Litz's office.

Looking at the two girls, smiling widely, Litz's immediate assumption was that they were trying to get out of punishment. Amber pushed Anna forward and said, "Tell him, Zuki."

"Volleyball," Anna said. "For the relay. It's almost impossible to cheat without paying off the referee, which we know we wouldn't do. And we can beat both camps at it. And we've got enough good players here to make two teams."

"And they won't expect it at all," Amber added. "We've usually kept to soccer, basketball, and baseball."

Litz looked pleased to see the two of them in his office for the first time all summer. He quickly nodded, grabbed his keys from the desk, then shuffled them out, locking his door behind him. "That is genius, girls."

"It was Zuki's idea," Amber actually admitted. Anna looked at Amber, only to see Amber was looking at Litz still.

"Okay, go eat. I'll make the announcement."

Amber and Anna went to their table and sat down in their usual seats. Moments later, Litz was standing in front of the camp. "I'd like everyone's attention." A few seconds later, everyone had stopped talking and was facing Litz. "It was recently suggested to me that we choose a new sport this year for the intercamp relay. So, I'd like all the scholarship winners to stand." Anna sighed. It seemed to her that this was public humiliation. "Raise your hand if you think that volleyball would make an acceptable sport for the race."

There was a moment of confusion as people looked around and began discussing it. Anna was the only one raising her hand at first. Then, a few more hand went up as people were discussing the pros and cons. Anna noticed Amber was pushing the idea in every direction and she felt that if it did get chosen, Amber's influence would have a lot to do with it. Within two minutes, all the scholarship winners had agreed on volleyball.

"Good, we'll have try-outs today after lunch," Litz said releasing everyone to continue eating.

Because of the try-outs, the Buddy system was not in effect that day until after dinner. Everyone who was thinking about trying out was at the volleyball courts in the morning to practice. Anna was there, as were Amber and Hillary. Most of the other people there Anna only knew from playing volleyball. Anna took another look around and frowned that she was the shortest person there.

They play time everyone got was considerably less because there were so many people trying out. After lunch, which Anna enjoyed because she had only gotten a little of breakfast, there were less people because some people realized that they would not make the team. However, most of the camp had come to watch the try-outs. Anna had her own little cheering section.

Anna easily made it through the first round of cuts, but they still needed to cut six people. That would leave them with two teams of seven.

"Hey, Anna." Anna turned around after getting a drink of water before the last round of cuts. She came face to face with Alan.

"Hey, Alan. Have you been watching the try-outs?"

"Not entirely," he said. "I've been keeping my eyes on you the whole time. You're really good at volleyball. Are there any sports you're not good at?"

Anna laughed. "Badminton, tennis, and track."

"You'll make the team," Alan said. "And just to be sure…" he stepped closer and lightly pulled her chin toward him, kissing her quickly. "Good luck."

Anna smiled widely. "Thanks."

"No prob."

Anna skipped back to the volleyball courts. Nothing could bring Anna down, even if she didn't make the volleyball team.

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