My St. Patty's Day Poem

Authors Note: A poem in memory of St. Patty, God bless Ireland and the people who are Irish only during St. Patty's Day! Probably could have written a better poem, but it's been awhile so I'm a little rusty. Don't worry I'll get better.

Let the Emerald green

Give thee reason to be seen

As a countrymen

A loyal men

A friend nor a foe

Blessed with a heart so pure

With more value than myrrh

A scent so friendly

Wearing the scent knowingly

The Scent that comes

With the pride

Of being alive

Of being born to an Irish

With it to show in your Iris

An Irishmen of the heart

Of the blood, respect, loyalty and with trust

A descendent of St. Patty

A great man of faith

Who rid the land of snakes

And gave reason to have

A beer to commemorate

For a special date

March the 17th

St. Patty's Day

God bless Ireland

And the souls that are only Irish

On that day!