Troy's Downfall

Authors Note: This story is based on the amazing story of Troy, which I will write possibly a very long story based on how I think the fall of Troy was a result of. The general idea of how Troy fell to the Greeks is based around a not so completely explained point of view from a fiction/mythological book from a very talented author by the name of Sarah Douglas. The book that I base this story idea from is called "Hades Daughter" which is a very good book and I highly recommend it if you enjoy mythology. Douglas only mentioned her point of view (and possibly Greek/Roman literature) of how Troy was destroyed in a sentence or two; she used it to support the rest of her story. I was intrigued by her mentioning of how Troy could have been destroyed so I wanted to write a novel like story based on that. So this story is basically mine, except for the idea of how Troy was destroyed, that was Sarah Douglas's idea. I did not copy this story from her; I just basically used her idea and built my own version. Her story is about the remaining Trojans being enslaved by people called Dorians; my story is about the Trojan War against the Greeks. I hope you follow along with my story to the very end, I hope you enjoy it!

Reviews: Greatly appreciated, I really want to know what you guy's think.

Rating: This story will stay as "M" for very mature themes including violence, possibly sex, and also vulgar language.

Achilles Arrival

Another war, another time to cover my sword in the blood of foolish men who dare to challenge my skill. Another moment to fight for a people who call me only to save there own skins or what they may call as there pride!

Achilles thought as he lent over to the side of the boat to spit out the bitter taste of sea salt from the sea. Just after barley getting rid of the distasteful taste, another splash from the water below flew up to meet him with no mercy.

The great sea God Poseidon must be having bloody fits of laughter over this embarrassment Achilles thought as he tried to wipe away the salty water from his pours before the sun would irritate the salty water on his skin and give him trouble later.

I wonder if Zeus is up there watching us. I wonder if he believes the same as me, that this pathetic and meaningless war isn't well worth the blood to be spilt. Achilles continued as his eyes moved to scan the ocean waves and to scan for any more signs of Greek ships to come as followed. His hand moved to shield his eyes from the blazing sun as he continued to count the ships that followed his sails.

One…two…hundred ships I'm guessing so he said as he grinned at the thought of Trojan blood screaming for bloody mercy. Like hell will they get it, they get what they deserved for stealing a Greek kings own wife. Yes they'll pay for there foolishness, these pathetic wealthy Trojans. Achilles grin turned to gritted teeth at the thought of the reason as for why he was here.

And this is why I am here, revenge they told me, revenge for a man who can't lift his own sword and bring it down with justice against the man that stole his wife. Haha Achilles laughed out loud at the thought as the young men on his boat jumped in fear at the sudden out burst. But they quickly minded there own business when Achilles shined his bright blue eyes and gave them a warning glance that told them to mind there own business.

For Achilles is not as you may think to be a man of good patients when there are battle virgins staring at what ever makes a sound. They are in fear, and fear is great weakness, they are to young to be soldiers, they will die by next sunrise Achilles thought.

Achilles kept his grin as he arms moved to fold themselves neatly crossed against his young powerful muscular chest. His grin widened, showing neat white teeth as his tongue moved to lick his dry lips as he continued his privet thoughts.

This is not my battle! They waste my time with this nonsense. Why is it all of Greece's concern that a Greek king can't control his own wife? Hahah Achilles laughed out loud again as his eyes moved to follow the eagle that flew with pride above them.

Oh Zeus, king of the Gods, why support such a coward of a ruler who depends on his men and men of other kings to do a deed that is of his own business. Achilles lowered his gaze to watch the clear blue waters as his thoughts continued.

Why would a king bring his business as I failure to the attention of all? If I were to lose my wife to the likes of a pretty boy with locks that are thicker and longer than his manhood, I would slay him by my own blade and make sure that my embarrassment stays between myself and to the Gods knowing eyes.

I think the life of a fool falls to more than one man in this case. Menelaus the king of Sparta the fool of Sparta who let a women rule his pride and his respect. And to think that I will spill so much blood for a cause that is only just to one man and his stolen pride.

This is a fools brigade if any, I pray to the Gods, and to you Zeus that our war will end shortly and the lives of the young will be on the conscience of the foolish. Achilles let out a deep breath as his eyes returned to the horizon where the shores of the enemy lands approached.

As well as the approach of a bloody war that will not be soon forgotten, Achilles moved his attention to the back of the boat where he heard the voices of men hollering the words of, "LAND AHOY!, LAND AHOY!" he then took his place along the side of the boat to help the other crew mates to strap the boat and to drop the anchor to fall solid onto the depths of the enemy soil.