The Meeting

Achilles took a great leap off of the great boat that had carried them safely from Greek lands to the Trojan soils that now moved under his heavy heal. After grasping the wrists of many loyal friends and admires, Achilles attention fell upon the features of the great Greek generals that worked closely by side the king Menelaus of Sparta and his brother, King Agamemnon of Mycenae.

"Ah, Achilles it's great to finally get the chance to grasp wrists with a mighty worrier as yourself." The general exclaimed as a huge smile erupted his wise features. "It's a pleasure to fight for and as a Greek." Achilles responded as he let a gratifying smile show his appreciation for the gracious introduction.

The general let out a few raspy chuckles as he motioned for Achilles to follow him while saying, "come on Achilles, King Menelaus and King Agamemnon will want to see you straight away." Achilles followed up in ease as his long blond hair flowed magnificently in the air with each movement he made, "Right, I know we have some business to discuss."

The general looked back at him and smiled as he replied, "yes, you will need to be debriefed on our present situation. Come; let us get there before the cold night air nips at us and gives us an uninvited touch of cold to the bones."

As the general and Achilles made there way to the royal tent where the two kings awaited them, Achilles could not help but notice the staring eyes that hung in his direction as the pair made there way to the tent. A sudden reminder urged Achilles to ask a question that had been bothering him for some time while still traveling on the boat.

"Ah general, may I make a request?" asked Achilles as he tried to ignore the whispers of praise and the looks of wonder, "what would you like, young worrier?" the general asked as his eyes glanced over the whispers that surrounded them.

"I was wondering if I may have the special request to sleep in my own quarters, you know, away from all this." Achilles answered as his eyes moved to point out the obvious as the general noted what Achilles meant.

"Why of course Achilles, I understand. You will have your privet quarters ready for you as soon as possible. I shall see to it." The general said as he motioned for a guard to ready a private place for Achilles, "thank you very much" Achilles said with ease as the pair made their way to the royal tent.

As Achilles and the general entered the royal tent they were greeted by the smell of rich perfume and warmth, along with the sight of rich and royal material draping the area of the tent.

Achilles took only a moment longer to appreciate the glamour before the voices belonging to King Menelaus and King Agamemnon snapped him back into reality. "Ah, the great Achilles has graced us with his magnificent presence" exclaimed King Menelaus with great joy as he moved to grasp wrists with Achilles.

Achilles took King Menelaus's wrist in respect then released his hold long enough to bow low respectively to the king of Sparta. "It is an honor to fight as part of your army your lordship" Achilles replied as he moved to rise to his full height while keeping a very cool and relaxed expression.

Achilles held the king of Sparta's gaze for a moment longer before calmly turning his cool blue eyes to the king of Mycenae, "It is a great honor to fight for what was rudely taken from you, I am here in great respect of your honor and greatness as well king Agamemnon."

Achilles responded as he looked from the king of Sparta to the king of Mycenae, after saying so Achilles bowed low in front of king Agamemnon before grasping his hand in mutual respect.

The kings smiled at Achilles proudly and shared a look at each other before King Menelaus exclaimed, "Achilles we are proud and honored to have you fight on our side, your gracious example of respect has moved us as well as your reputation.

Now when I called for you I knew that I was going to have the strength of the God's to bring down Troy, bring me back my bitch and whore of a wife. And of course, kill that thief if ever I knew one by the name of Paris. Tell me, will my revenge as well as the revenge of Greece be served?"

Achilles, still standing tall and strong moved his piercing blue eyes from king Menelaus to king Agamemnon and smiled casually before responding, "I am here to fight for the honor that was taken away from a great king and his family. This slap to the face will not go unpunished I assure you." And with that Achilles bowed his head as the two kings covered in riches smiled in pride of such a compliment.

"Good health and many descendants to you great and noble Achilles, your friendship, kind words, with promise of loyalty bring more than smiles to my families spat on heart. This will be a war that will never be forgotten, this war will be the war that will be in history books all over the world.

There will not be a child that will not hear the names of the greats in this historical event, revenge and justice will prevail!" exclaimed King Agamemnon with his royal fist flung high into the air.

Achilles smiled and bowed his head once more before asking, "My I ask what the first move will be my royalties. What will we do to make our presence known?" King Menelaus turned his attention more closely to Achilles before responding, "We plan on confronting the enemy with deep threats and demand that Helen will be returned to us immediately.

We plan to persuade the enemy by showing them our large army, which will most, certainly scare them into giving into our demands-" "forgive me your majesty but that will not work." Achilles said after interrupting King Menelaus.

The king looked at him in curiosity while Achilles continued, "they are strong, as long as they stay in their castle we cannot harm them can we?" "Well, no we cannot," replied the kings at once. Achilles nodded his head as he began to pace back and forth with this hand holding the other behind his back as his head tilted downwards in thought.

"They obviously know this. So in order to get them out, in order to fight and give them reason to fear us. We have to do something so atrocious to them that they will come out with anger boiling in their blood and battle cries so loud that the earth under our feet will shake. We have to force them out by doing something that will blind them with anger so they come out of there safe place and meet our blades, tip first!"

Achilles stated with growing emphasis, as the two king's expressions turned villainous and cruel, "What will we do to make them so angry Achilles. What will we do to spill their blood in there own stupidity." Asked king Agamemnon as king Menelaus stood back and listened with content.

Achilles stopped his pacing as his face rose to the two kings level revealing a chilling smile that showed both his bottom and lower teeth as his lips revealed the characteristics of domination in his plan to come.

To be Continued…