I long

I long for your sweet caress

For the soft feel of your hands

I long to hear your words whispered into my hear

For the words to make things right in the world

I long to see you

For I love to see you smile

I long to hug you

For your arms embrace me with comfort

I long to see your tears

For I want to dry them

I long to talk to you

For your voice I love

I long for you.

I know that I can not have what I long for

For God has another plan

I know I am to do something to get over the longing

But I can not do so

I long for you

There is nothing about you that I do not long for

For you are so perfect in every way

I long to tell you that I love you

For I know this is true

But I can not do so

I long to tell you how I feel

For the hope of change

But I know everything will stay the same

I long for you

For I love you

But I know the most I can do is hope

Even though I know it won't be true

I continue to long