So I wrote this when I was stoned out of my gourd. I'm still not sure if it makes any sense or not….probably not.

The color green negates itself. It symbolizes nuclear waste, radioactivity, and the dawn of a new, futuristic, nuclear-run society. This is evidenced in the green carbon rod seen on many episodes of the Simpsons. While George W. Bush claims that nuclear energy is the beginning of a new era of environmentalism, it is actually very harmful to the environment. Nuclear waste that's buried in the ground can last centuries, seeping out and mutating the Earth. Which leads to its negation. The color green also symbolizes nature, as a vision of the Earth before man defiled it. Both these symbolizations of green are reached by cultural consensus, but they are irreconcilably different. Therefore, in American culture at least, the green is null and void. It is like no color at all, but distinct from clear because it's still a color. Green does, indeed, negate itself.