Total Opposites


"Cheater!" Matt screamed, "Cheater, cheater, cheater!"

"Don't be a sore loser," Ben said, "Just fork over the ten bucks and move over!"

"No way! I want a rematch! Your character couldn't have that gun until level 7!"

"Please," Ben sighed, "That's where you unlock it. After you have it and save it to your character, you can use it on levels 2-10. Duh!"

"I… you… but…"

"Loser pays." Ben repeated the bet.

Matt groaned and pressed the money in his friends hand and tossed the controller to Andrew. Bummed about losing the last of his allowance, looked out the window. He had turned away from his friends just in time to see a red mustang pull up across the street. Curious he called his friends over to see the shiny, new, and obviously expensive car.

Suddenly they saw someone open the door and out of it came a boy:

Brown spiky hair, rich and relaxed clothes, and the most gorgeous face Matt had ever seen.

This was the one person that would make his sophomore year a little more complicated.