Do You Remember?

Do you remember
When I used to smile at you
From afar
And you would never smile back
But instead you would put
You arm around my shoulder
And say "Hey! What's up!"
And I'd say "I'm good"
Because we were just friends…

Do you remember
When I told you I liked you
For the very first time
And you were caught off guard and silent
And said " I don't go out with friends"
And I said
(unseemingly heart broken)
"Oh Ok…"
Because we were just friends…

Do you remember
When I uncannily told you I liked you
For the second time, third time, or maybe even forth time
And you acted like I never said a word
(ignored what my heart was calling out for)
And I played cool
Like it didn't really matter
And I said "Good morning!",
Because we were just friends,
In my (unseemingly saddened) cheery voice…

Do you remember…
When I told you I loved you
For the very first time
And you were silently in awe
At the true words
I wrote on that paper
And you said "It's nice"
Like you didn't read a thing
And I said
(as tears rolled down my cheeks)
"Do you really think so?"
And I smiled one of my smiles…
You know…
Those smiles

Do you remember
All the other times I told you I loved you
My poems and my professions
You read them all
And you said
(unseemlingly hiding what you really felt)
"Beautiful" "Nice" "Wow"
Or sometimes even..
Nothing at all
And I brushed it away
And I said to myself
(to hide the tears)
"I can't cross that line"
Because we were just friends

Do you remember
When you told me you loved me
For the very first time
(unseemingly overjoyed, but confused)
And I thought you were going crazy
And I said "What?! Huh?!"
"Is this really him?"

And you said
(so sincere and full of passion)
"This whole time I've been worrying about someone…"
"…who probably doesn't think twice about me."
"While I was too blind and stupid…"
"To see who actually does care about me…"
"And actually would go through anything for me…"
"And has proved it so many times…"
"I guess I brushed it off without any notice.."
"And I'm sorry I've put you through so much pain"

And I said
(still unseemlingly afraid to know where this was going)
"You haven't, there's no reason you should be sorry"

And you said
"Yes there is…"
"I think it's you that I've loved all this time"
(unseemingly longer than I may know)

And I was speechless
Struck in awe
As I cried

Do you remember
Our anniversaries
Our midnight chats
7 minuet phone calls
Our "first date"
The Ferris Wheel ride
Where I said
(with so much passion and truth in my voice)
"I Love You"
And you said
"I Love You too"
And (with all the love in the world)
You brought me closer to you
And held me tight
And said
"I'll never let you go"
And I looked at you and smiled
A real smile
And melted away
In the blissful happiness
That you have given me…

-- Dedicated to my one and only Love. I will always love you.--