You used to be the lovely one
Rose petals at your feet as you walked on by
The wind and the rain all stop for you to pass
Stunned looks on all surrounding
Your beauty was once astounding
Look at where you got yourself now

I heard about you through the grapevine
You dropped out of school in your prime
Oh little genius, old little genius
You spend your spare time with
Your drug-addled dealer of a boyfriend
The one who fathered your child
Look at where you got yourself now

Make your mistakes
Its okay we all make our own
Make more mistakes
Its okay, its divine to forgive
But you really need some help

Save the savagely freed soul
The chains you made
Your own moral decay
Its never this simple dear
Peel back the layers of you life
Find the kernel that defines
You replaced your best friend
With flesh into flesh and a pipe

Trace a cirle on the floor
Retrace, this time
Keep it within your life line

You can only ever rest
When your life rings with a cliche
Its too bad that you're happy
Did you ever see yourself
The way those around you did?
I guess you'll keep running circles
Until your drug-abused life ends

Wishing on the sunlight
Waiting for the night
Sitting here hoping for
A letter saying
"She survived life alright"

You touched our hearts from the sun
Tainted poems signed, "Sincerely, Loved One"