In the pale moonlight

With her eyes closed,

And TEARS are streaming down her face.

She's all ALONE,

and Yet she Dances,

humming a tune In her mind only she can HEAR,

To block out the SOUNDS she knows only too well.

Don't you hear It?

A young girl's whisper,

PLEADING in the dark.

Don't you see It?

The little boy hiding in his CLOSET,

Because the MONSTERS Out there are so much worse than the monsters in here.

Don't you feel them?

The ones born to be used WRONG.

Or do you close your eyes and HUM?

She dances,

With her eyes CLOSED to hide her FEAR,


Her eyes are closed so She'll FORGET.

All she knows is FEAR.

So she dances,

A SCREAM hidden in her THROAT,

because she's reached BREAKING POINT,

and she's got nothing to LOSE but everything to gain.

Why should she fear DEATH?

So she dances,

her emotions hidden in her steps,

her fears hidden in the NIGHTt,

and her heart stolen by the MONSTERS in her closet,

after their own affairs.

Those monsters never cared.

So she dances,

and she dances,

and she dances