Welcome to Morbidia

Go shoot yourself and tell me how it felt.
Fall in a river, drown in your sorrows.
I have stopped caring for you long ago.
Bathe in the city lights' hot morbid tears,
And fall in a void; forget-me-nots die.
No pleasure here, just sweet bitter red tears.
Black lights playing on your pale face, fading.
Fading lights, blood red nails, the blackest stars.
Jesus Christ; hypocrisy. No second chance.
Disjointed thoughts; our history.
Can't make sense of it all. Fading away
To the background. And all I desire,
Is your murderous cry in the night sky.

Sonnet Sadness
I wish I could love you like I used to.
Wishing I could say the words I must say.
In heavenly light I find sanctuary.
Diving into warm waters of the Heavens divine.
Trying to speak, to be heard above the roar,
Of life. Peacefully dreaming of our life.
Of what could have been. Of what never will.
I cannot bleed or tear at our depart.
Lost love, lost life, lost desire, lost time.
Can't find the words to soothe your crying soul.
Can't bleed to show my sorrow. I'm sorry.
Sorry I cannot love you like you want.
My apologies crying out to you.
Asking for your untimely forgiveness.

Note: The only formate we had for these were 14 lines and 10 syallbles for each line. If there's a rhyme scheme, then my teacher didn't have us do it. Thank God!