He once sat at a chessboard,

And the pieces were all white,

Except for the king,

A black piece it was,

Having unsatisfactory actions and might,

And He was displeased with it so.

Up and down and all around

He did search for the king's foe,

But no where could He find a piece

As white as all the rest.

So He went to the man

Who made the black piece,

And said, "Fetch me a white king –

I do not like the black."

So this man went abroad

And soon came upon

What he thought to be a white king.

He brought back his find –

A shepherd pawn boy, and said,

"Here is he in body and mind

Whom You sent me in search of –

Is this truly he?"

He nodded his acceptance,

Anointing pawn king.

And the black piece, in battle's stance,

Was checkmated

By Fate's own strings,

A shepherd in his stead.