you held summer slung on your shoulders
sun splashed back,
fresh cut grass

that day gravity snapped out of control
sun tilt
milk spilt
and the sky exploded.
but through the heat you dragged me to my feet
and just like that i had you to pull me through
you deserved so much more than
a thank you.

raking the autumn leaves stuck between
your summer boy fingers
sticky note reminders that it was time
grow up

i always hated fall(ing)
and you always hated flying.

that night you told me i was the only person
who kept you on the ground
and i told you that you were
my everything.

and all of a sudden
winter didn't seem so blank

white canvas shoulder soft
against candle lit nights
mistletoe strung under
the street lights

you taught me how to give
and i taught you how to forget

breathing in the sharp smell of spring
flower scented washing machines
and afternoon tea
hershey kisses stolen under the oak tree
trapped in chocolate sweet

but somewhere in between
smoke stained sleeves and summer leaves
you started to dream
in liquid sleep
thinking in one night stands
and far away lands

-somewhere in between
a star exploded
and became the first note
to your siren song fingers.