I know I'm supposed to be writing The Regal Hierarchy, but I'm kind of stuck and so I'm going to start the whole thing over. I have a lot of stories that I start but then I sort of lose inspiration. I'm not such a great writer, once I hit a bump I stop and reverse and start again. But here's my new story, the title might be changed later on.

All I Have To Give: He was the most talented boy in the whole school, not to mention the most popular and wealthiest. She was just a poor girl who had nothing to her name except her cheerfulness and optimistic personality. He had all the love in the world but rejected it; she gave all her love, but wished for it to be returned with all her heart. When he becomes her reluctant tutor, he realizes the one thing that was missing in his life all along...her.

All I Have To Give



Garrett Ashford was a heartthrob; he was everything that the girls at Fullerton High and the rest of the world wanted a guy to be. He came from the richest family in the area and the neighboring towns; in fact his father was in the top one hundred of people who earn the most money. He was perfect in everyone's eyes. He was one of the top piano players in the state; his concerts were always jam-packed with his fans. He was brilliant, a child prodigy in everything he did, from sports, to the arts, and to academics. There was nothing Garrett Ashford could not do, so it seemed. There might have seemed to be nothing Garrett Ashford could not do, but if one asked him to love…emotions were not Garrett Ashford's forte—they were hers.

Garrett flipped on the television and left it on the entertainment channel seeing as there was nothing else he felt like watching. He laid one arm across the back of the couch and his other arm was attached to a bottle of water.

Recently the heir to the Ashford fortune, heartthrob Garrett Ashford, was spotted on his yacht with an unknown female. Sources say that the female and Ashford seemed to be pretty close, maybe even romantic relationship close. Ashford was not called upon to comment and neither was the mysterious female. Sorry ladies, but it seems as though the elusive and enigmatic Mr. Ashford is already taken by this lucky female. Maybe they will be seen at fashion gala coming up next month. Until then, this mysterious female will remain unknown…

Garrett rolled his eyes, that "mysterious female" was his niece, Audrie, who by the way was only twelve; she was just tall for her age. He scowled, stupid paparazzi, making commotion over nothing. It was her birthday and he had taken his niece and her family (his older sister) on his yacht for a day. They should have found out the whole story before announcing this in front of the whole world. He sighed; they were only doing their job. Besides, recently there had been little action on television, no scandalous news, so they were desperate for something. He turned off the television.

The phone call from his sister, Elizabeth, was going to come soon. He pulled out his slim, state-of-the-art cell from his pocket and waited. Sure enough his phone vibrated and the name on the caller ID was his sister's. He flipped the phone open.

"Garrett," he answered.

"Did you see the news little brother?" Elizabeth said dangerously. "My Audrie is on the entertainment news as your new fling. Do you know what is wrong with that image? Garrett?"

Garrett's brow lifted. "You want me to do damage control."

"Of course, as your older sister, I am ordering you to take care of this situation. I cannot believe that they think my daughter is your new girlfriend," Elizabeth muttered. Garrett could see her having a heart attack—not a good sight. He knew she was angry and having her angry was never good.

"More like my mother than older sister," Garrett said.

Elizabeth screeched and Garrett held the phone a good distance from his ear.

Garrett was the second youngest in the family, not to mention the only male child born to Jonathan and Emmeline Ashford. Now after four decades of marriage between the two, the Ashford family was great in number. Catherine was the oldest at forty-one, married to her high school sweetheart with three kids. Madeleine was the second at forty, married to her ex-boss with one kid. Catherine and Madeleine were the most normal in the family, but Garrett also did not know them as well as he did Elizabeth and Raegan. By the time he had been born, Catherine and Madeleine were already married and ready to start families of their own, so it had been Elizabeth who had taken care of him and Raegan. Elizabeth was now married at thirty-seven with four kids of her own and a stay-at-home mother. Next was himself at seventeen, as to why there was such a big age gap between him and Elizabeth—there was no reason, his parents had just decided to have another child to attempt for a male child to inherit the Ashford fortune. They had succeeded because he came into the world. They decided to give him a sibling, someone who would be closer to his age than the twenty years between him and Elizabeth, so Raegan was born and after that there were no more children.

"Garrett William Ashford, wait until I get my hands on you this weekend. I'll distort your face so much that no one will ever be able to recognize it ever again and no plastic surgeon in the world will be able to fix it," Elizabeth hissed.

"Whatever," Garrett shrugged. This weekend was one of the many family reunions, and to put it bluntly, he was getting tired of the once-a-month family gatherings. "You wouldn't smash this face in because Mother would kill you."

He could picture Elizabeth's scowl. It was true; he and Raegan were their mother's favorites, mostly because they were the only ones she saw the most seeing as they still lived with her.

"Just take care of this," Elizabeth said before hanging up.

Garrett held his phone and speed dialed his manager, Vince Hall, who took care of scandal and gossip with the media. He waited impatiently for Vince to pick up.

"Vince Hall speaking."

"I need you to get rid of the rumors about me and that mystery girl. That mystery girl is my twelve year old niece," Garrett spoke.

"Hello to you too Garrett," Vince spoke, amused. "Your niece?"

"It was her birthday and her family and the rest of my family was there with me," Garrett spoke through clenched teeth.

"And your family can confirm this?"

"Yes, ask any one of them."

"Hmm, okay. By the way, Teen People wants you to come do a shoot and interview for their September issue. What about it?"

"Whatever, just go do your job and keep that rumor from spreading even more."

"You got it."

He sighed and closed his phone. The paparazzi was going out of control, sometimes he wished he had never been born into the Ashton family, then he would have no expectations to live up to, there would be no reason for him to be perfect; there would be no reason for the paparazzi to follow his every move to watch him make a mistake.

School was going to start in a week and the paparazzi were forbidden from going on campus. He smirked; they weren't going to like it. The few relationships he had ever had were always at school because the paparazzi could not get the scoop, they could always hear rumors and other people talking, but they did not have pictures and without pictures, their words meant nothing. He was careful to avoid being seen in a picture with a girl, but apparently he had messed up and ended up in a picture with his niece.

He glanced at the magazine lying innocently on the coffee table. It was this month's issue of Seventeen and it was himself right on the front cover. The caption read Garrett Ashford talks about his "normal" life. He opened the magazine to the page with his interview.

From a distance, Garrett Ashford may not seem normal because he has it all: money, popularity, and looks. Those intense dark green eyes and perfect dark brown hair and that serious look have captured the hearts of girls all across America. He is the heir to the Ashford fortune and is one of the top twenty hottest young men in America. Everything about Garrett just seems unapproachable, too good to be true, but up close and personal, Garrett is a very down to earth young man who is as normal as you and I are.

Normal? Garrett scoffed, as if he were. The stupid reporter wrote down things he didn't even say. She twisted his words to make him sound sweet; in fact, he didn't even say half of the things on there because he didn't talk that much. They paid him a ridiculous amount of money to go and be interviewed by a dumb reporter and then take thousands of photos of him modeling some brand of clothes.

He turned the page and saw a picture of Natalia Graham, America's sweetheart. The two of them had grown up together; he couldn't say they were friends; the whole friendship thing was one-sided. She was like glue and stuck to him all throughout their childhood and didn't un-attach herself until high school when she was shipped off to some girl's private school in God-knows-where. She was the epitome of an all American girl with naturally blond hair and big blue eyes. She was the envy of every girl in America; she was beautiful, smart, and outgoing. But America did not know everything about Natalia Graham; they did not see the other sides of her she hid in public. Only Garrett knew the true Natalia and because she hid her true self from the public, he despised her.

"Garrett honey? Comment allez-vous? (How are you?)" Emmeline Ashford tended to speak French when she was at home; it was more comfortable for her.

"Je vais très bien (I'm fine)," Garrett replied easily in French.

"J'ai vu les images (I saw the pictures)," Emmeline said, worried for her son. Her dark green eyes searched his face. "Did you already call Mr. Hall?"

"I called him a few minutes ago," Garrett said. "I'll be fine mother, really, it's not the first time they've taken pictures of me. I can handle it and Vince will take care of the pictures. It was just a stupid mistake; they'll fix it in no time. I have to pick up Raegan from camp. I'll see you later." He got up from the couch and slipped his phone back into his pocket. He walked over to where his mother stood by the doorway. He kissed her on her cheek and left the room.

The carpool lane was completed blocked by parents picking up their children. Garret drummed his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently as he waited in the carpool line. He leaned to his right and squinted through his dark sunglasses to try and catch a glimpse of his younger sister. Raegan was nowhere in sight. He growled, she was probably off gossiping with her camp friends. He frowned as he saw the people walking next to his car gawk at him and point. He quickly rolled up his windows and pulled on his baseball cap. He hated being in public where everyone could see him. He picked up his cell after hearing it ring.

"Where the hell are you?" Garrett barked into the phone.

"Don't yell at me," Raegan hissed. "Listen, I'm bringing over a couple of friends okay? Mother said it was fine and told me that you were picking me up, so she wants you to know that she okayed it. Where are you?"

"I believe I asked you that question first," Garrett said, sighing. "I'm in the carpool line by the rec cabin." He closed his cell. Great, I'm going to spend the next few hours of my life in the company of stupid teenage girls.

A few minutes later, his sister and two of her giggling friends opened his car doors. His sister stepped into the front seat and whispered into his ear, "Be nice." He rolled his eyes, "I always am." It was her turn to roll her eyes. Her two friends climbed into the backseat and shut the door. Immediately, Garrett drove out of the lane and back into traffic.

"Girls, this is Garrett, my brother," Raegan introduced.

"We know," one of the girls giggled. Garrett refrained from making any sort of comment.

"Garrett, this is Vicki and Cindy." How more girly could their names be?

He twisted his head back at them and sent them a small smile, the typical reserved, movie star smile that sent girls into giggles and melted them into a puddle right at his feet. As he had expected, they did exactly that.

Raegan glared at him, "Stop seducing my friends."

"I'm not seducing them," Garrett replied. "I just greeted them." He shrugged. "Not my fault they like me. Are you sure they're your friends, I mean, they probably knew I was your brother before they met you. They could just be using you to meet me."

"They're just camp friends," Raegan shrugged. "I really don't care if they're using me to meet you because once camp is over, I'm never going to have to see their faces again."

"Bitch," Garrett muttered.

Raegan glared at him again and glanced towards the back of the car where the two girls were whispering excitedly. "Who wants a tour of the house?"

The other girl squealed, "Oh my god! Do we get to see every room?"

Raegan nodded, "Sure, why not?"

"Even Garrett's?" the girl asked coyly.

"My room is off limits," Garrett said coldly. "And if I see anyone of you in there, I'll make sure you never step foot on Ashford property ever again."

The girls giggled and he could have sworn he heard the words 'bad boy' and 'so mysterious.' What is wrong with these girls? He had just threatened them and they were giggling and dare he say…turned on by his cold attitude. He frowned at Raegan and she shrugged. They began pestering him with questions about everything, just as they were about to ask the BIG question (if he had a girlfriend, aka, if the rumors on television were true) he had pulled the car into the driveway leading to their home and Raegan had distracted them, causing them to forget the question they were preparing to ask.

They better be going home soon.

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