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Philippe sighed. He was done his work, with half an hour left in class. This was not abnormal. He placed his head on his desk, gazing at the boy. This was also not abnormal. Philippe nursed a huge crush on the boy, and he didn't even know his name. All he knew was that the boy had only come to the school a few months ago.

The boy was a stunning mix of Asian and Caucasian, with translucently pale skin and long black hair. He wasn't too obviously part Asian, but his hair was too natural to be dyed, his eyes were slightly slanted, and there was something about his cheekbones that was not quite European. He had beautiful deep grey eyes that were at just a bit of an angle, and heavily outlined with black liner and mascara. His hair was pitch black, and down to his waist. It was held in a low ponytail, and chin length bangs fell in his face. Although piercings were not allowed with the school uniform, Philippe had spotted him wearing them in his tounge and nose, as well as several in each ear and two on one of his eyebrows. He was very tall and impossibly thin, with abnormally wide hips for a boy. Although he wore the very ugly maroon and gold school uniform, he gave off a gothic vibe.

Philippe thought he was very, very sexy. He would never tell him that though. He was painfully shy. No sexy goth dude would ever like him, a little ugly nerd, anyways. He had no chance. He was so pathetic, he was almost seventeen and had never even held hands with another guy, never mind having a boyfriend. He didn't even know if the guy he was crushing on was gay. Though he must be, Philippe couldn't picture him with a girl. But that might just be wishful thinking.

"Philippe?" The math teacher, Mrs. Roden, called to him. He looked up. "You're finished. Would you help John with his math? He seems to be having some difficulties." She asked, pointing at the same boy Philippe had just been fantasizing about. His heart very nearly stopped right there.

The boy looked annoyed. "How many times do I have to tell you, my name's not John!" He spat at her. "I won't answer you if you call me that!"

Philippe tried to hide his blush a he walked over to John's desk. He thought his legs might stop working as he maneuvered between the desks.

John, who truly hated his name and answered only to his chosen name, Wraith, did not really want help. He was fully prepared to tell this to whoever was standing in front of his desk. However, when he looked up, he decided he would accept help after all. The geek standing in front of him, blushing shyly, eyes downcast, was one of the cutest boys he'd ever seen. He couldn't believe he'd never noticed someone this adorable was in his math class before. Then he realized the boy was probably one of those ridiculously quiet, schoolaholic types. Wraith didn't tend to notice quiet people, being so outgoing himself.

The boy had scraggly, chin-length strawberry blonde hair, that he was currently trying to hide behind. His hair was a strange strawberry blonde, not orange at all, but almost pink. It reminded Wraith of when his little brother, Amie, was very small and asked their mother to dye his hair pink. Their mother, who was a hairdresser, thought that was cute, and had dyed Amie's white-blonde hair pink with Koolade. The boy had sky blue eyes, and a cute smattering of freckles across his nose. He also had gold wire-rim glasses, which were perched on his nose and if anything, made him look cuter. Not to mention he had a very petite frame.

"Uh, what do you need help with?" He stuttered, blushing deeper. He had a noticable accent, it sounded French.

Wraith smiled. This was just way too cute. This boy would be fun to play with. "This question." He said, pointing at it with a long, pale finger. As the boy leaned over Wraith's paper, eyes flicking back and forth as he read, he unconciously pushed his hair behind his ear. The goth leaned towards him, letting his breath play over the boy's ear. He drew back and let a smile twist his lips as he saw a heavy blush heat the boy's cheeks.

"Uh, well, ok… first you have to…" The boy choked out, shaking it off. Wraith held up a hand to cut him off. Yes, this boy was fun to play with.

"What's your name?" The goth asked. He let his eyes fall sexily half-closed, and gazed through his long, thick eyelashes at the boy.

The boy went even redder. "Uh… Philippe."

Wraith smiled. "My name's Wraith. You're cute, do you know that?"

If possible, Philippe blushed even more. "Um… I… uh…" He stuttered, completely unable to find words.

Wraith chuckled. He let his hand, that was on the desk, move a little closer to Philippe's. "Are you French? You sound French."

Philippe nodded, obviously mustering the courage to speak. "French-Canadian."

"You know, if you blush any more I think your head might explode." Wraith said offhandedly. "Stop being so embarassed, I'm not going to bite you or anything." He nibbled on the corner of his lip and then added, "Maybe." Just loud enough for Philippe to hear.

Philippe nodded, still embarassed and a little nervous, and started to try and explain the question again. Wraith stopped him once more. "You look really tired." He stated flirtatiously, tracing one of his unaturally long fingers in circles on the desk.

"Yeah, um… I'm a hypersomniac, I'm always tired." The geek managed to choke out, clutching his books to his chest.

"A… hyperwhat? You don't look very hyper to me." Wraith was rather stunned by this new and big word, and he intended to find out what it meant.

Philippe giggled, forgeting his embarassment for a moment. "No, hypersomnia is when you want to sleep all the time." He noticed Wraith was still looking a bit confused. "It's like permanent mono." He clarified. Then he realized he was being bold and hurridly shook his hair over his face, blushing heavily.

Realization dawned on the goth. "Oh… that blows. Your roomate must love you for being so quiet though." He began to drum his fingers on his desk.

Philippe looked down, upset. "I don't have a roomate. I don't really… have friends." It hurt him to admit it.

Wraith laid his head on his desk so he could look the geek straight in the eye. His hair pooled around his head, and he locked eyes with Philippe, who looked away uncomfortably. "I don't have a roomate either you know. I don't even have a room, I'm sharing with my brother and his roomate."

Philippe looked up, slightly comforted and a little confused. "Why don't you have a room?"

It was Wraith's turn to look upset. "I was sharing with my boyfriend, but he was cheating on me so I moved out."

"I'm sorry." Philippe wasn't quite sure what to say.

"That's alright, cutie." Wraith smiled a little, then moved his hand onto Philippe's.

Philippe hardly had time to blush at the nickname before the hand holding shocked him out of his mind. He almost jerked back, but something stopped him. He looked up into Wraith's big gray eyes.

"Hey, maybe we could… go out sometime." Wraith smiled.


After school ended, Philippe sat waiting in his room. He was as nervous as hell. He had thrown up twice already. He had a weak stomach, and couldn't handle stress well at all. He was trying to work on his homework, but hadn't gotten very far. He just hoped he could keep it together when Wraith got there.

There was a knock on the door. Philippe jumped about a foot, then took a deep breath and went to open it. He hoped he looked ok. He'd put on his nicest clothes, and fussed with his hair for over an hour. He'd tried putting it in a ponytail, but with his bangs he thought he looked too girly. So he took it out. Then maybe he thought Wraith would like him to look girly. So he put it back in. Then he realized Wraith had been attracted to him with his hair down, so he took it out again. And went on like that for a while.

Wraith was standing with his hand on the doorframe, smiling. "You ready to go?"

The geek went scarlet. "Come in. I'm just doing my homework."

Wraith came in and sat down on the empty bed, looking around the room. "You're very tidy." He noted at the obsessively clean room. "What do you have to do?" He got up again and sat behind Philippe, resting his chin on the smaller boy's shoulder. He had picked up his touchy-feeliness, along with his homosexuality, from his parents, who happened to both be men. He was adopted, of course.

Philippe's blush grew deeper at the close contact. It felt strange to him. "Uh… English. Five questions."

"What question are you on?" Wraith slipped his arms around Philippe's waist to pick up his homework paper.

"Just finished one." Philippe choked out. Wraith being so close was making him super-nervous. He could feel his gorge rising. He swallowed, thinking how not a good time this would be to throw up.

"Oh, my class has already done these. Did you just start working or something? I thought one was pretty easy, and I'm not even good at school. It's like a one sentence answer." The goth looked at the paper. It was completely covered in small, neat handwriting. He turned the page over. Also filled. The next page in his hand was only about halfway covered. If his jaw hadn't been resting on Philippe's shoulder, it would have dropped. "This is your question one?" He asked incredulously.

Philippe smiled a little, his face again heating up in a blush. "Yeah."

"Holy fucking shit. What do you get on your report card, A plus plus pluses? I'm failing almost everything."

"I get good marks, yeah." Philippe could feel Wraith's breath on his cheek. Their bodies were very close. He liked it, but it made him a more than a bit uncomforable. He felt so awkward and pathetic. "Do you need help in any subjects? I could… y'know, tutor you if you'd like."

"Let's see how our first date goes, then we'll talk about study dates, okay cutie?" Wraith smiled, giving Philippe a little squeeze. The French boy tensed as Wraith's arms tightened around him.

Wraith, who had the attention span of a three-year-old, lost interest in the subject and got up. Philippe released the breath he had been holding and decided he wasn't going to be able to finish his homework. It was time for the date. He gulped. His first date ever. What would his parents do if they found out his first date was a guy. And even if they didn't mind he was a guy, they definetely wouldn't approve of Wraith. "I'll finish this later." He squeaked, blushing heavily. He didn't seem to be able to be near Wraith without blushing. "Let's… let's go."

"Excellent. Let's." Wraith walked to the door and held his hand out for Philippe to take as he opened it.

"Okay." Philippe shyly placed his hand in the goth's. Wraith held it gently and led him out and into the hallway. They left the dorms and walked towards the parking lot. It was gray dusk, and getting a little chilly.

"Are you cold, cutie?" Wraith asked. Philippe was wearing only a loose fitting polo shirt with blue and white stripes, and jeans.

"I'm okay." Philippe lied, though goosebumps were rising on his flesh.

Wraith was obivously not cold in a form-fitted black velvet jacket, with an asymmetrical zipper and ribbon corset-style ties down the side, lined with black lace. It had a large collar covered with black faux fur that contrasted strongly against his pale skin. On his legs were leather pants that were as tight as a second skin, showing off his impressive butt and… err… endowments. Philippe blushed.

"You sure? My car's over here." Wraith pointed to a black Nissan.

"Where are we going?" Philippe asked shyly, his hand starting to sweat a little inside the goth's. He was still having major butterflies.

"A concert. Just a local band, but they're pretty good. I've met them, my dad knows their manager who is also a DJ. They're nice guys." Wraith said, taking out his car keys and spinning them around his finger. He unlocked the passanger door and held it open like a gentleman.

Philippe blushed and got in as gracefully as he could, which wasn't very. He bumped his head on the top of the door, and winced. Wraith looked worridly at him. "Are you okay?"

Philippe rubbed his head, blushing. "I'll be fine. I'm such a klutz." He was kicking himself inside. He was making himself look stupid!

"Happens to the best of us, cutie." Wraith smiled, before shutting the door and walking around to his own. The car itself was quite interesting. A sleek, black, Nissan, with all black interior. Hanging from the rear-view mirror was a keychain of an evil-looking dagger, complimented by the skulls on the steering wheel cover. The floor mats had a twisted, thorny rose decorating them, and there was a hissing black bobble-head cat in the back window. And of course, only Wraith would have black PVC seat covers.

Wraith got in. "It's not far from here, but we'll have trouble finding parking."

The goth was a relaxed driver, one hand on the steering wheel and leaning back in the seat while singing along with the techno-goth CD he had in the stereo. He also turned out to be the kind of person who complained loudly about bad drivers. Such as, 'What the hell do you think you're doing, fucktard?', 'The fast lane's that way, asshole!', and 'Don't cut me off, you SUV whore!'. He gave about a dozen people the finger in the space of five minutes.

Philippe knew he should be talking, but couldn't think of anything to say. Wraith reached over and put a hand on his thigh.

Philippe still couldn't think of anything to say. "Umm… nice day, isn't it?" He squeaked, embarrassed.

Wraith chuckled. "Calm down, it's just a date. Like I said, I don't bite. Much." He rubbed the French boy's thigh a little. "And just so you know, it's nighttime now."

Philippe blushed. "Uhh… so… what do you like to listen too?"

"I like to sing." Said Wraith smugly. "Do you?"

Philippe's eyes sparkled. "I'm miserable at singing. Can I hear you some time?"

The goth shook his head grimly. "I'm a little shy of people hearing me."

"You? Shy?"

"When it comes to preforming, yeah."

"But you're so outgoing."

"But overly sensitive to criticism."

"Umm, well I'm sure you're really good."

"Thanks, cutie." Suddenly he swore and turned to the window, sticking up his middle finger as he did so. "Think you own the road, motherfucker?!" He swerved the car violently, almost bumping the offending car, but not quite. The car honked loudly at him. Philippe squealed with fright and gripped his seat, shuddering as the car evened out again.

"Sorry, cutie. I'm a bit of a violent driver."

"Could you please refrain from doing that while I'm in the car?" Philippe said through gritted teeth, still clutching his seat.

"I'll try." Wraith said, pouting. There were a few moments of silence, and he was alone with his thoughts. After Colin, he wasn't ready for a new person in his life. The flirting had just been toying. It wasn't supposed to lead into anything. He had briefly thought about standing Phillipe up, but then decided that would be just outright mean. He turned the car into the parking lot of a club that was thumping with music. A few people milled around outside of it. "We're here. Stick with me, ok? I have the feeling you've never been to a concert before."

"I-it's not dangerous, is it?" Philippe stuttered as he got out of the car.

"Nah." Wraith slid across the hood of the car and landed perfectly on the other side. He offered his arm to Philippe, who hesitantly took it. "There might be moshing though, and you're a little small so you might get trampled."

"But I thought you just said it wasn't dangerous!"

"It won't be. If you stick with me." Wraith smiled smugly, patting the arm Philippe had rested on his. "You're a sweetheart. I don't want you to get hurt, ok? Promise you'll stick with me."

"You're my date, I won't be going anywhere else." Philippe said shyly. His hand was starting to sweat on Wraith's arm.

"Cool. It's loud in there, so if you need to talk to me you'll have to yell in my ear." Wraith got a tight grip on the French boy's hand, showed the guy at the door their tickets, and pulled Philippe inside.

It was loud, dark, and claustrophobic. People were pressing every which way, and someone banged into Philippe hard. Wraith pulled him closer to protect him as they weaved through the crowd to get to the stage.

Philippe felt very small. Everyone there was taller than him, pressing too close. His nerves were coming back, he was feeling a little queasy again. Wraith pulled him tight against his slim chest, and leaned down to yell in his ear. "You know how to grind?"

Philippe shook his head. Wraith grabbed his arms and wrapped them around his shoulders in an almost hug. Then he put a hand on his backside and nudged their abdomens together. Too close, in Philippe's opinion. He tried to pull away a little, but Wraith wouldn't let him. The goth put one of his long, leather-clad legs between Philippe's legs and snug against his crotch, making him even more uncomfortable and forcing his own leg against Wraith's crotch. Wraith put his arms firmly around Philippe's waist.

Before he could squirm away, Wraith started to pull him around in jerky circles to the beat of the music. Their thighs rubbed against each other's crotches, which Philippe really didn't like at all. He tried to squirm away again. "Do you not like this, cutie?"

Philippe shook his head furiously.

"Ok, we'll dance a little further apart." Wraith shouted, stepping backwards from him, and doing a silly little butt-shaking dance to sort of lighten the mood.

It worked. Philippe giggled, and Wraith grabbed his hands and span him around playfully.

They both laughed, the heat and movement of the club intoxicating them. Wraith pulled them momentarily close enough for their chests to touch, then span Philippe away again.

A few minutes later, an attractive guy came and grabbed Wraith's butt. The goth didn't even look around, bringing up his high-heeled foot and nailing the guy right in the crotch. Philippe giggled, amazed Wraith had eyes only for him.

The concert could not last long enough for Philippe. For when it ended, so would the date. And maybe Wraith wouldn't want to see him again.

Inevitabley, it did end. People started to filter out, and Wraith took Philippe by the hand, interlocking their fingers and giving him a sweet smile, before beginning to lead him out.

Philippe was feeling nervous. What happened now? Did Wraith expect something of him? What if he never wanted to see him again? He started to shake a little as they walked outside.

It wasn't a nice night. It had started to rain. "You cold now, cutie?" Wraith asked as the rain poured down on them. He didn't give Philippe time to protest that he wasn't. "Here." He unzipped his coat, revealing a fine net shirt with leopard print on it, and draped the coat over Philippe's shoulders. "It'll keep you dry at least."

"O-oh, I couldn't…" Philippe protested weakly. "You'll be cold. Look at what you're wearing!"

Wraith shrugged. "I'll survive." His hair was getting soaked. The raindrops were getting caught on his lashes, and Philippe couldn't help but notice the goth's nipples were rock hard from the cold and very visible under his shirt. This made his groin tingle a little, and he blushed heavily.

"What's up?" Wraith asked at the sight of the blush.

"Uh… nothing." Philippe blushed heavier, casting his eyes to the ground.

"You sure?" Wraith turned to face him, taking his other hand. For some unfathomable reason, they were leaning closer and closer, seemingly magnetized. Philippe's eyes started to drift shut of their own accord, his lips beginning to part.

The last thing he saw before his eyes shut completely was Wraith's black painted lips lowered to meet his.

And then he could only feel.

And for a moment, both of them forgot they were standing in the middle of the road they had been crossing to reach the car.

They didn't remember until the loud honking of a semi brought them back to their senses.