Okay, hello there, all.

Be excited!! I've got chapters 1-8 rewritten, and they're not just touched up, they are much longer and there is almost none of the original story left! Honestly, it's like eight brand new chapters! And 5-8 I just put up tonight, so yeah.

I'm sorry. It seems like I've spent all this time doing nothing on it, forgetting you all, but I've been doing tons. It's more difficult when you work your ass off and then no one knows you posted… grr…

For the month of May there will be no more, as I'm going to be completely engaged in trying to write a story I've had in my head for almost five years. May has been devoted to this. Afterward, I hope to get back into French Kisses with new enthusiasum, and hopefully finish the rewrite.

I've been turned off of this lately by several things, one being the fact no one knows when I put up rewritten chapters, two being that I was chased off of the forums on here, and three being I've become obsessed with FullMetal Alchemist slash fanfiction. I have an account for it if you want to take a peek.

Once again, I'm sooooo sooooo SOOOO sorry. I'm pathetic. I suck. Honestly.

Hope there are still some of you out there watching this. Thanks for bearing with me.