A little girl watched the news

There was something about seals

She liked seals

They looked soft

The little girl wondered why the seals were on the news

She saw pictures of them being ripped to bloody pieces

The girl was too young to know human sadness

She couldn't understand the death of humans

But she understood animals

She knew the animals were understanding

The animals were soft

Sometimes the animals could be nicer than humans

They never hurt anyone out of hate

The baby seals were dying

The little girl cried

She wanted to help them

She heard them crying out

She wanted to save them

She couldn't

She was too young and no one would listen to her

She felt helpless

Money was the priority, and in a couple of years

The seals were all gone

The little girl was older

But she still cried

She couldn't do anything

Some one else could have

But he didn't

Now they were gone

She would never get to pet one