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Nodding her head to the beat the 17 year old watched her crush expertly play his electric guitar is his band. This boy went to her high school. The music they played was a metal/electronica mix. She was used to the unique music though most of the clubbers found it odd, likeable but odd. Her body was swaying slightly and she mouthed the lyrics. Her eyes flitted from band member to band member, though they seemed to always end up on the lead guitarist. Her smile was obvious, and she laughed when the teen made a mistake.

She smiled slightly at the teen; he ignored the gesture to busy rocking his head to the metal beat of the song. When it was over she watched this boy she loved drag his girlfriend on stage, kissing her he declared his love for the 'Beautiful dedicated blue-eyed brunette'. She wiped her eyes slowly, laughing still the tears rushed down her face, she slowly made her way towards the restroom. Her friends followed her, laughing and joking. She started running; no one was to see her in this state.

Upon entering the restroom she made her way towards the mirror. Quickly the blue-eyed girl fixed her ruined make-up, after giving up she cleaned her face of completely and started anew. After leaving she heard her crush singing on stage. She looked up at him; surprisingly his eyes were at hers. The singing grew more energetic as he looked away. Fighting through the club crowd she made her way over to her friends.

She was still upset about the girlfriend but pushed to the back of her mind, she was here for fun, not to cry. She started dancing to the music a bit. Eventually some random man asked for a dance, she accepted. Within the next few hours many more men asked her to dance; she accepted all there invitations. She stopped paying attention to who she was dancing with, she just said yes. When she heard yelling she looked in that direction, Her crush was cornered by his girlfriend, she was shouting at him. Her screams reflected something along the line of 'You bastard, you swore to stop thinking of her, my eyes are not blue'. Shrugging it off, the 17 year old, whose name was Rose, she returned to focusing on the dancing. Her partner was jabbering about something unimportant, school or something. When the song ended her friends approached her. One friend Danielle questioned her about her dancing, she shrugged and said most were pretty good dancers but she was finished.

"Finished? Why? You practically have men flinging themselves to beā€¦forget him Rose." Rose smirked in response to Danielle's comment. Her eyes wandered to the drummer of her crushes band, he walked closer and closer. Finally he was near enough to speak. He asked Danielle to dance. Her response was a definite yes. As the two walked off Jenny, another of Rose's friends, started teasing Danielle about the drummer asking her to dance.

Rose slowly made her way over to the 'bar'. Ordering a soda she leaned against the rail that was attacked to the walls. When the soda was handed to her she laid her money on the bar counter and walked away, towards the stage once more. Her crush, Jeremy, came up to her. Her face started to flush, blood rushing to her face. He was determined about something. She noticed the rest of the band plus Danielle and Jenny discussing something. Jeremy grabbed her chin gently, tipping her head back he growled slightly. Slamming his lips to hers he forced her into a kiss. Her smile was definite against the kiss. She started kissing back, his rough calloused hand left her chin in favor of the back of her head. His other hand had found a place on her lower back, pushing her closer to him then she thought possible. He pulled away for a second, just long enough for him to take a breath. His lips returned to hers, his eyes were hungry and even slightly happy. His tongue pushed thorough her lips. Everything seemed to fade for her; the tears started flowing again, this time of joy.

He never said anything to her as he pulled away; walking towards the door of club, full intentions on just leaving. She didn't know why, she ran after him, fighting though the horde of dancers in attempt to reach him before he left. She got to him right before he got to his car.

"Hey, never kiss and leave, it doesn't work that way." With those words she gently put her lips to him. She took the keys from him, opening the car door she pulled away.

"You're taking me to dinner, no way out of this." His lips pulled into a smile.

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