Here's part 2 thourgh the guys POV

Standing on stage he stared into the audience, trying to avoid looking at the brunette infront of him. He tried looking for his girlfriend but she wasn't around, proubly in the bathroom. The second guitarist lightly hit his shoudler with his own, and obvious cue, for them, to start the 'head banging'. He quickly positioned himself into a stonger pose before slamming his head forward and back, still playing the music. The guitarist and bassist were following.

Looking through his curtain of dark hair he noticed the girl he was trying to avoid looking at, she was smiling at him. The song ended abrutlly, he walked to the side of the stage calling his girlfriend up, in an attempt to get the brunette out of his mind. He stood up at the mike, and declared his love for his 'blue-eyed brunette love'. the first thing that went though his mind the moment those words were out was 'shit', his girlfriend had brown eyes. The girl who the song was subconsisly dedicated to started to cry, still laughing though. He watched as she slowly made her way towards the restroom. Her friends followed her, laughing and joking. She started running; no one was to see her in this state. He had a feeling that this was his fault.

The songs started again, his singing was much less energetic though, he felt horrible. He had liked this girl forever, she had shown up to every concert she possibly could. She was smart too, and beautiful, so unbearbly beautiful. He was surprised when she looked up at him, her tears had stopped, he put more energy into what he was singing in attempt make her realize what happened.

Eventually the preformance ended. And Rose, his crush, started to dance, with everyone. All the men in the club seemed to notice her existence, though he couldn't blame them. After a while his girlfriend came up to him and cournered him. She had noticed his mistake, the blue eyes that didn't exist on her. She was shouting but he, Jeremy, tuned her out. When she was finished he told her to go away and that they are over, his voice out of it as he searched for Rose. He found her walking away from her last dance partner, towards her friends. He overheard Danielle talking to her.

"Finished? Why? You practically have men flinging themselves to beā€¦forget him Rose." He watched Rose smirk as his mind started to wonder who 'him' was, 'him' would be eliminated. He noticed as his drummer made his way over to Danielle. He asked Danielle to dance. Her response was a definite yes. As the two walked off Jenny, another of Rose's friends, started teasing Danielle about the drummer asking her to dance. But he was too far away to hear.

He watched as Rose ventured towards the bar, she ordered a soda and moved to lean against the rail that was attacked to the walls. When the soda was handed to her she laid her money on the bar counter and walked away, towards the stage once more. Jeremy, came up to her. Her face started to flush, blood rushing to her face. He was determined to kiss her before he lost the chance. He knew the rest of the band plus Danielle and Jenny were talking about them. He grabbed her chin gently, tipping her head back he groaned slightly. Slamming his lips to hers he forced her into a kiss. He could feel the smile against his cold feeling lips. She slowly started kissing back, he let his hand leave her chin, moving it towards the back of her skull, her silky hair bunched up in his hand. He moved his other hand to a place on her lower back, pushing her closer to him. He pulled away for a second, taking a deep inhalation of breath. He was back in the kiss as soon as he was finished inhaling, her eyes held joy not fear, he felt his heart leap. He pushed his tongue thorough her lips, he could taste the orange of the soda and the aftermath of toothpaste. Everything dissappeared, but she became more real for him, he felt something wet on his cheek, opening his eyes, not remebering when he closed them, he noticed that she was crying.

He didn't say a thing as he pulled his lips off her; moving towards the door he felt worse then before, she must hate him now. Right before he got to unlock his car she reached him again.

"Hey, never kiss and leave, it doesn't work that way" He felt her turn him slightly and push her own soft lips against his. He felt her hand on his taking the keys from him, opening the car door she pulled away.

"You're taking me to dinner, no way out of this." He pulled is lips into a happy smile, her blue eye's were brighter then ever and her smile was dazziling.