My heaven resides under my bed.

"It rained in heaven all day long."

I have

Fallen in like.

And it feels like pudding

and I'm trapped.

I will get married

At my rainbow funeral

Where the clouds will rain snow

And the sun will rain tears.

What a harsh world.

Harsh and

Twisted and

Screwed and

I'm falling asleep here.

Would you please

Unglue me from the floor.

Are you mad.

Am I.

Why are you

A fucking hypocrite?

Why would you

Laugh and smile and BS the world

And pretend like

I'm not the world.

And bury those feelings

Where I can't find.

No I'm not mad.

Are you.

Don't wanna fall into this trap

Of like.

You might just

Break my lungs

Stop my breathing.

A hand

A shadow

And silence.

Now that's a killer.

Lemme shake this silence

Until the answer falls down.


Shake shake.


Cough cough.

My lungs are breaking.

Save me save me.

Yeah of course I was kidding.

What am I, stupid?



Laugh laugh.

Chuckle chuckle.

Am I pretty now?

Should I start the cutting process now?

Or would you rather I drown?

So many decisions.

What a harsh world.

Yes harsh.

And I'm in a trap.

Unglue me

Hurry before I get sucked in.


Joking again.

Of course I don't need you.


Psh Psh.


Always joking.

Never mad.

Ignore the bleeding lungs.

So what if I can't breathe?

And so what if you're fucking blind

And I'm fucking mute

And we're all melting

In this big helpless heap?

At least I'm getting

Married at my

Rainbow funeral.