A/N - I guess this isn't really haiku it's just 17 verses in haiku form. It's actually a story I wrote that I haven't posted yet because it isn't fully complete. It was actually really fun to write, so I'll probably do a lot more like these. It is however a bit confusing since here re two "Hes" but I just didn't want to use names because I thought it would disrupt the flow. Plus the living He doesn't even have a name in the story yet. But look for the story soon I hope, it is called Still Alive. I was at a loss at what to name this one so I just took it form the first verse of the poem. I hope you enjoy.

There she sits alone
And stares out the windowpane
In her underwear

The sun is setting
Leaving her in the dark depths
Of her empty life

The phone breaks her thoughts
He's calling to let her know
She needs to come home

She'll never save him
He'll never let her help him
He hates her too much

She sets down the gun
And walks away forever
With tears on her face

She can't hear the shot
But it still rings through her ears
When she finds him dead

She doesn't feel pain
As she slowly walks away
And gets on the plane

He brings out her smile
When he comes to stay awhile
In her new city

She confides him in
Of her fear of what she is
And who she's become

He leaves the next day
And turns to face her and say
That he still loves her

She closes the door
And wishes he were still there
To pick up her tears

She drops to the floor
The pains she's been repressing
She finally sees

She gets on the plane
And flies back to her old home
Where he waits for her

They go to their graves
And she spills out all her pain
To his loving ears

Now she sits again
In front of the windowsill
In her underwear

But the sun rises
And bathes her in its warm light
And she has to smile

Because she's back home
And he's laying next to her

And she is alive