The Crave for Mistakes

Chapter 1

Selene groaned while grabbing her alarm clock and then threw it across the room. She sighed happily once the annoying sound stopped, she fell back to bed and closed her eyes; sleep time.

But it didn't last long, her bedroom door opened and banged against the wall behind it. "Wake up."

She groaned. "Go away." She told her older brother by a year. They lived at home with their parents but their parents were never around. They were retired now and decided to travel, see things they couldn't before with two little children. Now the children were twenty and twenty one, they didn't need their parents so last month they packed up and left, calling every once and while to check in.

"If you don't get up I'm not giving you a ride." He threatened.

"Ride for what?"

"Class Selene, remember that?"

"Fuck." She sat up, she had forgotten about class. A drinking binge tends to do that. "Alright give me ten minutes."

"I'll be downstairs with Ben."

Selene felt a new but familiar annoyance sweep over her that morning. Ben Haywood, her brother's best friend and their new roommate. Their parent's rented him the garage apartment before leaving, Selene wondered what she did to deserve that because everyone knew they didn't get along.

It wasn't that they hated each other, she might consider him a friend but they were always teasing each other, at times it went too far and she wished she'd never see his smug face again.

She dragged herself out of bed and went to the bathroom; she took a quick shower and threw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt. She pulled her dark brunette long hair into a pony tail as she went downstairs.

"We're gonna be late." Her brother pointed out as he held the front door open.

"You could've left without me." Selene said as she grabbed her backpack.

"If you can't play with the big dogs then maybe you should sit out next time." Ben said as he walked behind her out of the house then swung her pony tail.

She slapped his hands away. "Don't be a dick because I drank you under the table. That reminds me, you owe me twenty bucks. Shotgun." She said climbing into the front seat of her brother's four door red Honda. They always rode together to save money on gas since they were all going to the same place.

"For what?" Ben asked.

"You bet me twenty bucks I couldn't drink more shots then you, I did. You getting sick by the way; so fucking funny."

Her brother, Scott, began to laugh. "Yeah man not your best moment, a little girl beat you."

Selene was going to protest that but Ben spoke first. "No she's not a little girl."

"Thank you." Selene said as she crossed her arms.

"No; girls are nice and sweet. Sel," He leaned forward and rested his arms on the back of her chair. "She's the devil reincarnated."

Selene turned in her seat and slapped him on the arm. "You're one to talk."

"Hey that's abuse." Ben rubbed his arm, she had a hard hand on her but he knew that well from countless times before.

"Keep pissing me off and it'll get worse." Selene crossed her arms again and sat forward in her seat, she watched her brother laugh. "What's so funny?"

Scott shook his head and kept driving. "Nothing at all." He pulled into the college parking lot and grabbed his things.

"Cut it out." Selene said when Ben swung her pony tail again, she hated that and he knew it.

He wrapped his arm around her neck as they walked up the pathway. "Why are you so bitchy to me?"

"Because you deserve it."

"Mmm hmm." He waited a minute as they walked before he pulled the tie out of her hair.

"Hey!" Selene yelled, when she tried to take it back he ran away from her. "Damn you!" she yelled as she took off after him.

Scott laughed as he watched them. "What's going on with them now?" His girlfriend Gillian asked as she linked her arm with his and they walked.

"The same old shit, they piss each other off."

"I think they like each other." Gillian said with a shrug.

"No that'll never happen. Plus she's my sister and we all live together, it would be a huge mistake." Scott said becoming serious, he didn't like the idea of Selene and Ben; it would be awkward and it would piss him off, Ben was the best friend anyone could ask for but not good enough for Selene. He was too much of a playboy to ever settle down.

Selene looked at her watch; she was going to be late. She couldn't find Ben so she gave up and headed to class. She brushed her hair out of her face, she hated it loose because it was always in her face but she didn't have the heart to cut it.

She made it to her first class just before the door closed, she hauled ass to her seat.

"Ms. Wright, nearly late again?"

Selene suppressed a groan, she wasn't late but the teacher always felt the need to call her out either way. "Sorry." She muttered and looked at her watch; she couldn't wait to go home. She was so glad she only had two classes that day.

She was so tired, she knew last night she had class today, she told herself not to have too many but then the bet with Ben and then it turned into a party she couldn't help herself. She blamed Ben and her brother for this, they started the party. She hated how no matter what they did the next day they were fine; she was the one suffering with a hangover.

The class dragged on and on and on some more. By the time it was over Selene swore she aged another year. "Ms. Wright, a moment please."

Just great, she thought. "Yes?" she asked her psychology professor Mrs. Robinson.

"You've been late or nearly late very class this month. I know you're parents are out of town but that isn't a free pass to lack on your studies."

"I know and I'm sorry. Yes I've been late sometimes but my grades haven't been lacking. I'm holding a good average." Selene always put her studies first but sometimes her attendance wasn't great, it had always been a fault of hers, just more so lately.

"You're a bright girl Selene don't let anything change that. It would be a pity to see you start taking college lightly and become one of the party girls who go nowhere."

"I won't." Selene left after that and met with Ben in the hall. "When did Mrs. Robinson become my mother?" she asked in a huff as she snatched her hair tie he was still holding and tired her hair up.

"What did she do?"

"I've been late and she doesn't like it. She doesn't want me to become a ditzy party girl. I don't know why but that pisses me off. Whatever I do at home has nothing to do with this place. I get good grades that should be enough." Selene knew she must be pretty mad if she was venting to Ben Haywood.

"You're getting a reputation of being a party girl? Good for you Sel."

"Only you would think that's a good thing. I'm sorry I forgot you're a little slow." Selene always joked he was slow or an idiot but he was always the smartest guy at school with a 4.0 average.

"Ha, ha you're so funny." Ben mocked as he walked away from her to his next class.

Selene smiled; ticking Ben off always brightened her day.


Isabelle A.