A/N: I was inspired by a summary from Naruto from Fanfiction. It's told from a six year old kid's point of view. She seems older but I'm not sure exactly how a six year old would think like so sorry if she sounds older than she really is. Sort of angsty but not exactly.

I own the poem at the end and the quote in the beginning.

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Why the Clouds Cry

Heaven cry tears for us...for we can't seem to cry for ourselves....

I was told to go back inside whenever it's raining. I don't get why at all. It was fun to play out in the rain. It was like taking a bath! Only with our clothes on...

I don't get why kaa-san and tou-san get so worried about me being out in the rain. But what I don't really get is why it rained.

"Kaa-san?" I asked, tugging on my mother's apron.

She looked up from washing the rice and looked down at me. "What is it Tsu-chan?"

"Why does it rain?" I asked sweetly.

Kaa-san didn't speak for a while before saying, "Go ask your sister. I need to finish making lunch Tsu-chan."

I pouted and tugged on her apron again. "But kaa-san...I asked you!"

"Tsu-chan, I'm busy. Go ask your sister." She went back to washing the rice and when I noticed she wasn't going to answer me, I climbed up the stairs to the second floor. I walked down the hallway until I came across a door. I knocked on it.

"Onee-chan? You there?" I asked while knocking.

"Come in." I turned the doorknob and pushed it open. I saw onee-chan, sitting in front of her desk.

"What is it Tsuki?" I gulped at the emotionless tone she had spoken. I never liked going to onee-chan's room. It was always dark and had an air of...sorrow around it.....Though I'd never admit it of course. I fear her...quite a bit.

"Why does...it rain?" I asked,trying to sound brave.

I saw onee-chan's icy blue eyes closed and then her head turned to face the balcony which showed that it was snowing. I walked in and out to the balcony to try to catch some snowflakes in my hands.

"It rains because the sky is crying..." I jumped and felt something on my shoulders. It was a black coat. I pulled on it, wrapping around me more tightly.

"The sky cries?" I asked, tilting my head at her. Her silvery blue hair danced in the calm wind and her eyes looked at the village that was below us a few feet.

"Yes...it cries for all the ones who was lost. All the ones who failed. All the ones who are lonely...." I scrunched up my face. I didn't quite get that....


"Haven't you noticed that people don't like the rain?" she said. I didn't get what that has to do with anything....

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to get a straight answer from her.

I saw her lips twitch as if she wanted to smile. I don't get it. If she wanted to smile, why don't she? "People hate it when it rains because the sky gets dark and people usually get all moody. Haven't you noticed?"

I nodded, remembering how Aya-chan had complained about not liking rainy days because it messed up her hair.

"But for me...." She leaned against the rail of the balcony. "I like it."

Now I was sure I was confused. She lost me at that. "Why?"

She pulled her black cloak more tightly around her slim figure and replied, "It gives me a nice calm feeling. It's like it's washing away the diseases....the tainted....away from the world."

"You lost me onee-chan...."

She gave a soft nice smile at me. I gasped. She looked so beautiful like that...why don't she smile more? "Why don't you smile onee-chan?"

This time, her smile seemed a little sad as well as her eyes. Her eyes seemed to be hiding away the loneliness and sadness she had. "I..." She then shook her head. She ruffled my blonde hair which caused me to scrunch up my face in annoyance. She gave a soft chuckle before saying, "You'll know when you're older, Tsuki. When you're older...."


"It's not something you need to know until later." I looked up at her, dark blue eyes hinting confusion. She ignored it(I think) and the snow fell across the lights that was the village. It looked so beautiful....I looked at it in awe. Nearly as beautiful as onee-chan...I then remember something from earlier this morning.



"Why were those boys chasing after you earlier?"

Her eyes seemed to widen slightly in shock but I'm not sure why. Her eyes softened and she gave a small laugh while messing with my hair again. I pouted. Why do people like doing that so much?!

"Well...that's another thing you will learn later on."

"When!?" Why does everything I ask have to be learned when I was older?!

"When you're about...10 or 11." she said. She sounded amused? Why?

Well, I got what I came for....I began walking back inside to go back to my room when I heard one last thing onee-chan said.

"Heaven is crying. Don't you know that?"


Raining hard from the sky,
Heaven cries for all the ones she has lost.
She can't bring them back,
So she prays for their safety,
Though all is in vain.
Nothing can bring the dead back;
Not even magic or alchemy.
Rain is Heaven crying.
Didn't you know?