A/N: The second part of this bi-shot. Meaning the last one unless a reviewer demands I write more. This takes place when Tsuki-chan is about...ten years old? Yea. Four years after the first part.

I own the poem at the end. The quote at thebeginning is from Fruits Basket! I just borrowed it since it fits somehow!

Oh and Tsuki-chan calls her older sister(whose name would be revealed at the end of this chapter) aneki now but she called her onee-chan before when she was young is because Tsuki-chan's respect for her older sister grew over the years and thus, she changed it to aneki. Just thought you might wanted to know.

Japanese Dictionary----

tou-san - father

kaa-san - mother

aneki - older sister(formal)

imouto - younger sister

-san - meaning Ms., Mrs., Mr., etc. Common for people you're not really familiar with(according to me anyway)

-sensei -meaning teacher

-chan - usually added at the end of girls' names. Also can be used towards little boys, lovers, etc. Usually for expressing endearment

makai/hono - fire or flame. not sure

I don't know how but it would seem my Naruto obsession is taking over me as I wrote this since you can tell some parts here are close to Naruto. -bangs head- Damn it Shirley! Why do you have to pass your Naruto obsession to me?! Me?! -continues banging-

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What is Snow if Rain is Tears

When snow melts...what does it become?

"Tsuki-san, please tell me demonstrate a fire spell and burn that dummy into ashes." Tanaka-sensei ordered. I gulped. Fire spells? Not really my specialty....Damnit. But if I don't do this...I won't pass. I sighed. God hates me!!!! "Tsuki-san, please come up and demonstrate it."

I took a deep breath and walked up in front of the class, standing next to Tanaka-sensei and right across from the dummy which was probably about ten feet away. I held out my hand and prepared to use the fire-shooting spell. "Makai Hono." When nothing happened after a second or two, I secretly used my element powers to shoot a flame of fire at that dummy. It burned to a crisp in a matter of seconds.

"Good job Tsuki-san. Next up, Aya-san." I sighed in relief and went back to my seat. Hope no one knew that I used my element power....

"I know you used your element power...." I jumped up and covered my mouth so I wouldn't scream out loudand disturb the class. I turned to see the most arrogant boy in the entire class....Arashi Miyamoto....God I hate him!

"Ah shut it." and I went to my seat which was unfortunately right next to him.

He shook his head mockingly. "You shouldn't have done that...." He was wagging his finger which made me grit my teeth. My hands turned to fists by my side as I fought the urge to hit him.

"Shut...up Ara-baka." I gritted out, using the nickname I had for him. I think I'm probably the only girl who isn't after him...besides aneki, Aki-chan, Sat-chan, and Ume-chan.

"Don't be like that." He smirked. He...is smirking...at ME! He's dead! My hands turned to fists and I restrained myself from punching him. Too late.

POW! My eyes widened as I realized what I did. My classmates noticed as well but the teacher was too occupied in the exam to noticed. Oh shit the fangirls are gonna be after my head tomorrow....

The bell rang and I quickly ran out of the classroom. I slowed down when I was out on the streets, heading back home. I slammed the door leading to my house and stormed into the living room where silence greeted me. I sighed. Kaa-san and tou-san had died two years ago. I remember how kaa-san would always greet me when I come home.

I bit my lower lip, tears threatening to fall. Aneki usually is up in her room and I hardly ever see her anymore. As I walked up the stairs to my room to change, I noticed that there was a cold draft. I turned to see that my window was open. I walked to close it when I noticed soft, cold white stuff finally from the sky.

"It's snowing?!" I exclaimed, walking out to the balcony. I was surprised. It was summer afterall. I was about to walk back inside so I don't freeze to death as I'm only wearing a red Chinese style t-shirt and a pair of black Chinese style pants when I noticed aneki at the balcony next to mine. She was wearing a black cloak over her attire again. What is it with her black cloak? "Aneki?"

I noticed her eyes turning to face me. I never noticed before but she had kaa-san's eyes. Her hair was from tou-san. I've often been told that I looked like kaa-san, with her blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I felt something wet on my cheek. Am I...crying again? I sniffed and wiped them from my eyes.

"Imouto." I nearly jumped up when I heard aneki's voice from behind me. I turned around to see her, expression unreadable and emotionless. "You're crying again."

"No I'm not." I lied. "The snow just melted near my eye, is all."

Aneki walked over to my right side and said, "I see." Her eyes seemed to cloud over as she looked out at the village. Snow rested on her shoulders and hair, sinking in when it melted at the warmth.

"Aneki?" I said, wanting to voice out a question I had for a long time. Aneki looked at me. "Do...do you love this village?"

Aneki turned back to look over the village. She sighed deeply. "This village depends on us mages to survive. War is a bitter thing. Our parents died in battle. I'm their hope and dreams. After all, I'm strong and powerful. They depend on me...on us."

"But...do you love this village?"

Aneki looked over at me. "Whether I love this village or not, I swore I'll protect it just so you can live."

"Aneki, four year ago, you said that rain is Heaven crying because of the angels' tears. What about snow? What is it?" I asked. That question had plaqued my mind for a long time now, even since I realized that the white cold fluffy things falling from the sky was snow.

Aneki looked down. "When snow melts, what does it become?"

I blinkedat her. I didn't get where she was getting at. "Well, it becomes water."

Aneki shook her head. "No. It becomes Spring. When it melts, Spring is just around the corner. I believe snow is a symbol of purity and the tears of a lonely angel whose tears crystalized from her loneliness."

"Wow aneki. That's...deep."

Aneki smiled at me. A very small smile but it was a smile nonetheless. "I know. A friend of mine told me that when I asked her the same question." She then poked me on theforehead. "Come on. Let's go back in before you get pnemonia."

"What about you!?" I whined, letting aneki push me inside.

She gave a smirk. "Have you ever seen me get sick before? Now go back in."

I pouted before wrapping my arms around aneki, hugging her. I felt her tensed but then relaxed. "I love you, aneki."

Her hand rested on my head. "Me too, imouto. Me too."

"But why is it snowing in the summer?" I let go of aneki, glancing outside. The snow was still falling

I had a feeling aneki was smiling because of her voice. "Because the demons are thanking me."

"Huh?" I looked back at her. She was staring back at me. "What do you mean?"

"When you're older, I will tell you of my other job." and she left my room.

"Wait what? Aneki! Tell me!" I exclaimed, following after her.

Normal POV

If Tsuki had looked back outside, she would have seen awinged creature that seemed to glow flying through the air, the wind carrying its words;

"I believe in you. I'll give up everything for you, Kouru-sama, Tsuki-chan. Everything. As long as the two of you live...."

And as quickly as it had appeared through the snow, it disappeared. The snow ceased and all was right in the world.


Rain is Heaven's tears.
It fits when the sky is Heaven.
However, if rain is Heaven's tears,
Then what is snow?
Is it the tears of a lonely and cold-hearted angel,
Crying because of the impurity of the world?
What is snow....?